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Jane The Virgin, “Chapter 53″ Recap 

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This week on Jane The Virgin, tensions ran high with Jane and Michael. Aside from times that Jane and Michael have been broken up, we haven’t really seen them in distress. These two have a pretty rock solid relationship, so watching them fight was upsetting–even for me (a diehard #TeamRaf fan).

What were they fighting about, you ask? They’re stressed. Like, REAL stressed. This is a constant condition for Jane, but it’s relatively new for Michael. He’s studying for the LSATs, and he’s not doing well of ANY of the practice exams; this doesn’t look good for his future as a lawyer. At the same time, Jane is preparing the final draft of her thesis (novel) to turn in, but she keeps finding little things to change…probably because she’s feeling nervous about turning it in. Too bad she can’t really talk to Michael about her stresses because they stress him out too much. Basically, they’re just one huge unhealthy balloon of stress ready to pop at any moment. Until they have to escape a traffic jam by camping in the woods. For a little while, they were able to escape the real world and just look up at the stars. Also, Mateo talked about a tent, which was made into a huge deal, but as far as first sentences go it was pretty lame.

So all is well in Jane and Michael land. For now. The narrator hinted at something in their last scene together but it was such a blip it was almost hard to catch. All I know is that the narrator keeps hinting at something ominous…

Onto happier things, I may be starting to ship Rogelio and Darci. I can’t help it! Darci is just so damn likable! They have a fun chemistry and they do not (yet) have the angst of RoXo (or XoRo. I can never decide which I like more). Also, Xiomara is just generally whiny, while Darci is pretty strong and independent. I can’t believe myself right now…am I a De La Vega Factor shipper?? omg.

And now back to dramatic things, Petra recruited Catalina to help her out with her plan against Rafael. So Catalina distracted Raf while Petra went in and stole Emilio’s will. But as would happen with every person attracted to men, Rafael charmed Catalina naturally and she let him in on Petra’s plan. He caught her in action and then she admitted…that she wants him to KEEP all of his money!! What?!? It’s for Anna and Elsa, she explains. They need to always be protected and cared for…she was just starting to bond with them before her coma, and she doesn’t want to mess it up now. What a twist!

While Raf and Catalina had a few touching moments (she’s still shady AF though), he still broke up with her and asked her to leave. SNAPS FOR RAFAEL!! So, Catalina’s gone! Finally…it seemed a little too easy, actually…

In the final moments of the episode, we check in with Anezka and Scott, who are now married and have a copy of Emilio’s will! And they plan to USE IT for their own gain!! The narrator then points out that poor Scott has no idea the repercussions his plan will cause…

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