Thoth: The Smartest God

The Old Gods still walk among us. They are one by one seeing a resurgence in popularity. With shows such American Gods or books the ones from Rick Riordan such as the Percy Jackson Series or even Smite the popular video game, the Old Gods are around us once again.

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Thoth is the Egyptian God of knowledge, wisdom, writing, magick and the Moon along with judgment of the dead.. His symbols are the the ibis of course, the moon disk, writing tablet, stylus and scales. Thoth is a self-created God and his consorts are Seshat, Ma’at and Nehmetawy. He was charged with maintaining the universe and is one of two Gods on the Barge with Ra. Thoth is credited with laying the cosmic egg that started the universe. Thoth’s role in the afterlife is to weigh the hearts of the dead against a feather. If they are lighter than the feather then they move on to the afterlife. If it is heavier they are fed to Apopis.

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Below are two links to two of my articles. The first one is a link to an article I wrote and one is about book series and Rick Riordan is featured in it. The second is about the American Gods series. Check them out and see what I mean.

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