I suppose this was only a matter of time. Last week Disney made a bunch of announcements related to their new streaming service Disney+. Star Wars and Marvel featured heavily in the news but they also announced that the entire Simpsons catalog would be available to stream on their new service.

Since Disney finalized the deal to take over 21st Century Fox I was curious about the state of the show and what, if anything, would happen to it once it joined the house of mouse. It appears the show itself will stay untouched, for now, but perhaps some new writers might give the old series a fresh perspective. It worked earlier this year when they brought in Megan Amram for the best episode of this season.

The show is currently available to stream on the app Simpsons World, which was launched by FX after the show began airing on FXX back in 2014. There are also more recent episodes of the series available on Hulu.  It’s unclear if the app will survive once Disney+ launches but all signs point to the show being exclusively available on the new streaming service.

Disney is really putting in a lot of effort with their new service and this latest announcement is proof of that.

Disney+ will cost $6.99 per month or $70.00 per year when it launches later this year on November 12th.