The Dark Lord Vs. Lilith

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina continued to turn heads in this episode of “The Poison Of Sabrina Spellman”. Jealousy seeps from the eyes of Ms. Wardwell or the mother of hell known as Lilith who summoned the Dark Lord in the previous episode. The Queen and King of hell discussed the actions of Sabrina, it was said by the three demons that attacked Sabrina during her quest to become “top boy”, that Sabrina must not ascend. As troubling as it has become, the dark lord insists that she must because he wants her to be his prophet of the earth. The sound of this had irritated Lilith and she felt threatened because the Dark Lord has yet to fulfill his promises to her as she did to him. I find it ironic how one minute Ms. Wardwell has Sabrina’s back, but the next she is willing to sabotage her because she feels insecure about her standing with the Dark Lord. A wager was settled between the Dark Lord and Lilith to determine Sabrina’s standing, in which if she fails to comply with the Dark Lord’s wishes, Lilith will become queen and prophet of the earth. I don’t see the Dark Lord fulfilling his promises to Lilith anytime soon and I’m afraid that it will make her do something hateful to Sabrina. After all, the girl doesn’t back down no matter what is thrown her way.

The Dark Lord Visits Sabrina

After The Dark Lord made his bed with Lilith, he paid a visit to Sabrina so that she could do his bidding. Sabrina thought that when he finally decided to call on her, he would ask her to do horrible things. Although asking her to steal gum is still a horrible thing, it wasn’t a complex as she thought it would be. When she told her aunt Hilda, she insisted that the request was a test to see if she is devoted to him as she swore to be when she signed her name in the book of the beast. This lightened Sabrina’s worries, but she had a lot more to worry about than that. When she failed to steal the gum because of Ms. Wardwell’s interference she noticed a horrid mark on her back known as “the devil’s claw” which represents his grasp on her soul. I wonder why in particular does the Dark Lord favor Sabrina so much even when she refuses to do his bidding. I also wonder if her father possessed the same characteristics as her besides being a half-breed and if it was those same characteristics that made him a high priest. There’s a chance that Sabrina going dark won’t be that bad, but her peers and family aren’t used to it. I’m a fan of her good girl mentality, but it doesn’t hurt to put people in their place like she does when needed.

Back To Her Double Life

 With Aunt Hilda’s encouragement, Sabrina returned to her mortal affairs at Baxter High. Ms. Wardwell wasn’t so pleased with the idea of her returning to school, but she couldn’t let Sabrina sense it. It’s tough for Sabrina to restrain from being Harvey’s “friend”, but she did it for the greater good. While things heated up with Harvey and Ros, Sabrina and Nick became very good friends (wink wink). Even though they haven’t kissed like a couple I can sense it coming soon, but it will take some time. We also saw that Susie now known as Theo had to continue to battle with the boys over her gender identity and privacy. As many times as the guys had their asses handed to them, you would’ve thought they learned their lesson last season, but no. They keep picking, but this time Billy got hurt thanks to the help Of Sabrina when she gifted Theo rope that would make Billy trip. After Theo suffered the embarrassment of feminine products being filled in his locker, he was determined to make Billy pay and she did. Tremendously. As much as he did deserve it, Sabrina couldn’t help, but to think that it was the wrong thing to do. The scar on Billy was pretty nasty, but so was that childish Carrie like a prank. I grew confusion as Sabrina continued to react to everything that had happened as if she never knew what was coming. She knew what her life was going to become when she signed her name in the book, but she acted as if she didn’t.

Romeo & Juliet And Lucifer & Lilith

 Sabrina’s failure to comply with the Dark Lord’s request cause the Dark Lord to choke her while rehearsing for the mortal school play Romeo and Juliet. I thought about how Hilda warned her about the consequences that followed after disobeying the Dark Lord, but again she acted like she didn’t know what happened. Sabrina was able to do the right thing before she signed her name in the book, but yet again she still insists that she should have her caked and eat it too. I admire her wit for cutting corners, cheating life, and overall live her double life like a good cop, bad cop scenario, but it frustrated me when she still thought that she could do these things after signing her name in the book. She even thought that making out with Harvey was a good idea because she was jealous. Although she didn’t want to admit it, it killed her a little inside to see Harvey with Ros. What some women don’t understand is that when they let a guy go from a relationship, they’re not always going to wait on you to take them back or kiss up to you for you to love them, so you can’t get mad if they choose to be happy with someone else. In Sabrina’s case, she let Harvey go, didn’t call or text, and didn’t show up to school. She just abandoned them and expects everyone to still be there for her without an explanation as to what’s going on. Her friends will always accept her if she would continue to be honest, but in this episode, the Dark Lord played Sabrina’s mind like a game.

Sabrina offered the Dark Lord his bidding in exchange for peace of mind and her friend’s safety. The offer was quite compelling, but the one thing he wanted was something I’m not sure Sabrina will do. Sabrina must burn down Baxter High. In the season 2 trailer, we saw Sabrina pour gasoline all over the school and now we know why? I have a feeling she won’t do it and the Dark Lord will ensure that she pays her debt to him. After the agreement was made, Sabrina was left to play the leading roles at both of her school plays after the cast members were cursed with a case of chicken pox. Sabrina’s performance brought tears to Lilith eyes and joy to Father Blackwood, which I was a little shocked at because he’s always being a major hater of Sabrina. The Dark Lord gifted Lilith her familiar back, but she intends to use it for the destruction of Sabrina. As for Sabrina……..well, she stole the pack of gum. The Dark Lord will have his way with her.

Yay or Nay

 This episode wasn’t bad, but it’s a nay for me because I was frustrated many times watching this episode. I love Sabrina’s new attitude and the new look, but she expects too many things to go her way as she did in season one and we know how that ended. Maybe Sabrina didn’t learn her lesson from everything that she went through and if she didn’t I know the Dark Lord will gladly teach her another one. Another thing that frustrated me is Ms. Wardwell’s greed, she is so intimidated by a teenager being the prophet of the earth she has to be both prophets of the earth and queen of hell. I screamed at the TV “Girl get on somewhere!”. There is no need for her to be so greedy with power. I did love how genuine the kiss was between Sabrina and Nick, I wouldn’t be if sparks were made between them. I love Harvey and he’s hot, but I think Sabrina and Nick would make a cute couple. I also love how petty Sabrina was at the end of the episode by going back to the store to steal a pack of gum. Now that’s a way to end an episode!

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