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LAUREL TEAMS UP WITH OLIVER — Laurel (Katie Cassidy) learns about some damaging information that affects Emiko (Sea Shimooka). Always looking to protect his sister, Oliver (Stephen Amell) invites Laurel to help investigate, which makes Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) happy as her friend is now working with the team. However, when things go awry, Felicity is forced to make a choice between the team and Laurel. 

The episode opens in the past with Robert Queen sending Emiko and her mom away. He leaves Emiko with these final words, “sometimes life isn’t fair.” That’s rough.

The cold open segues into Oliver and Emiko training together. It looks like they’re really bonding but we all know Emiko is up to no good. And that is sort of proven when someone is tailing her—it’s Laurel and she is grazed by an arrow.

Felicity’s old hacker friend Alena Whitlock, the one who kinda worked for Cayden James. Felicity needs some help with Smoak Technologies and the Archer program. Smoak Technologies has found it’s newest CTO—I have no idea what that means.

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This episode is full of people stopping by. Next up Laurel pays Oliver a visit. She was actually looking for Felicity. Oliver notices her arrow wound and helps bandage her up. It’s during that that Laurel tells Oliver that the wound was from Emiko and that she is more than likely responsible for Diaz’s death. Of course, Oliver doesn’t buy it. But Laurel has been digging and as far is she can tell Emiko didn’t exist until she was 15 years old. He still doesn’t buy it and sends her packing.

Apparently he partially believed because now Oliver s tailing Emiko. Things aren’t looking good for her because she is hanging out with Dante who just bought something dangerous looking and killed a woman. Oliver attempts to intervene and is unable to save the woman who leaves him with parting words telling him he needs to stop them.

Ollie, Rene, Diggle and Felicity have a little rendezvous regarding Dante and Emiko. Felicity does some digging which leads them to the Ninth Circle, which is some crazy secret society that deals with all kinds of bad stuff including regime changes. The team splits up, Oliver is going to confront Emiko and Dig is going to talk to Lyla.

Oliver pays Emiko a little visit, which mostly turns into an interrogation. She doesn’t deny being trained by Dante. When Robert left her he took her in, sh knows he is a monster but she owes him. So, maybe Emiko isn’t bad after all.  Oliver wants to help her but she promises it’ll make it harder for both of them.

Flashback to Emiko meeting Dante. She delivers a package to him and tries to still his watch. He throws a knife at her and she asks how he did it and he offers to train her.

From ARGUS, Diggle got some of Dante’s DNA and now with the Archer program Felicity can track him. He’s at Szrek Chemicals, time to suit up and hopefully take Dante down and in doing so helping Emiko. Dante turns on Emiko once he sees Oliver, he makes an escape and attempts to take Emio with him but team Arrow doesn’t let that happen.

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Archers has crashed but Emiko is now officially teaming up with Team Arrow and dulfully so because they are going to need everyone to stop him because he is looking for Iridium. Luckily for them there is only two places in Star City with Iridium.

Another flashback, this time Dante is training Emiko. She still wants Robert’s love back, Dante wants her to forget that and make the Ninth Circle her family.

Back at SCPD, Laurel is attempting to do some lawyer work the clean way because Dinah had recently caught her coercing prior. It goes well and all until the criminal starts roasting Quentin Lance and Dinah has to drag Laurel out.

Archers down because of a jammer, which Oliver found. And guess who placed it, Emiko, she’s a double agent. A fight breaks out between her and Oliver, she tells him that’s what family does lets you down. That’s a bummer, I was hoping she was good.  She escapes with a flashbang.

Dante’s been busy stilling drones and other nefarious ingredients. Team Arrow is back to square one so, Dig and Oliver are going to Emiko’s hideout looking for answers.

Laurel might be in trouble, the criminal she was interrogating is now dead. And Dinah thinks Laurel is behind in.

In a flashback we see Emiko trying to get a job at Queen Consolidating and Robert turning her down saying the company is for Oliver. No wonder why she hates him and the Queens. In the present we see she is continuing to work for Dante to find her mother’s killer.

Felicity tracked Dante and the Ninth Circle to an abandoned air strip. There’s 8 drones that needed to be taken care off. Team Arrow is outnumbered but that’s never stopped them before and it’s not stopping them now. Dante got away, Emiko is still working with Dante and one drone escaped deploying poison gas. Luckily this was a test and the drone deployed on an empty building.

Uh oh, photos of Laurel and Diaz together have leaked from like last season. And a visit from Emiko to Laurel show that she was the one to leak the photos.

Felicity is continuing to work on Archer with Alena. Oliver is brooding over Emiko. And it turns out Emiko is the leader of the Ninth Circle, she’s been pulling strings behind the scenes and she has just set her eyes on the Archer program.

The episode concludes with a flashback of Emiko burning a blueprint of the explosives on the Queen’s Gambit.

That’s all folks, see you in a few weeks.