“If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marionette?”, episode eighteen of season nine, took “Bob’s Burgers” fans on a journey of growing up and taking responsibility.

Many consider it common knowledge that the reason “Bob’s Burgers” is so well liked is due to the level of reliability it tries to achieve with the audience members. The two stories offered in this installment focused on the changes that come with maturing and how we need to find independence/ responsibility.

Bobs Burgers (If You Love It So Much Why Dont You Marionette 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

The Belcher children’s school takes them on another field trip but this time to Esther Margaret Marionette-Odeum. None of the students are enthusiastic about going and Louise, having this be her first time going, doesn’t understand this reaction. That is until they arrive at the theater and the marionette handlers are displaying a boring show about stamps. Louise learns that the owner and person in charger, Esther, has more interesting puppets and is capable of putting on more captivating shows but chooses not to. Esther and Louise share a similar problem as Louise herself was finding it harder to get immersed in play with her own toys at home. Louise being the confrontational child she is decides to push the issue until the final confrontation. Esther is convinced to try and use her old favorite puppet again and everything goes well until the smoke from the smoke-machine requires Esther to be taken away by the ambulance. The two women find a new sense of imagination and fondness for their productions and Louise walks away with a new buddy made of cables (that she technically stole).

Bobs Burgers (If You Love It So Much Why Dont You Marionette 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Moving on, the side story offered by Bob and Linda focuses on a young man trying to earn money. The Belcher family restaurant is no stranger to having random deterrents being placed outside their business but this episode brought a young man handing out flyers. From the clues in context, we guessed that this was probably his first real job as he stated that this job and his pet (the reason for getting the job) was all he had. Eventually, everyone needs to buckle down and think about what they need to do in order to survive and manage their lifestyles and that is what this guy did. At first, Bob and Linda are not at all happy that this guy is in front of the restaurant but decide to try and help when a problem arises. As we said earlier, he did get a job to afford the care of his pet but neglected to ensure his roommate was capable/ willing to give him his medicine. In the end Bob saves the guys job and manages to convince his boss to change locations to across the street (meaning in front of  Jimmy Pesto’s restaurant).

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