American Gods Season 2 Episode 2 The Beguiling Man

At the close of last episode we saw Shadow kicking the crap out of the shooter only to be sucked up in a beam like a UFO sighting. Mr. Town is currently holding Shadow prisoner torturing him. It’s a massive machine that Shadow hangs from and gets electrocuted from. Mad Sweeney and Laura are searching for Shadow. Laura still can see his light but he’s moving fast. As they search we get glimpses into Shadow’s memories of his mother and her death. We also see when he first sees the coin trick he does.

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Zorya is dead. Mr. Wednesday is completely pissed. The Old Gods prepare for war, Mama-ji just has to switch shifts. To hear her say it is hysterical. Czernobog is ready to kill. When Mr. Wednesday The jinn is off to find Grimir, Odin’s spear, with Salim tagging along in a side car. Says they will find the new Yaya, Czernobog points out Yaya has no more believers left so she will rise no more.

Bilquis, who is one of the Old Gods but betrayed them, meets with Mr. World. She declares that she will not fight for him. He in turn tells her she needs to pick a side or be trampled by both. What will Bilquis choose? Will Laura save Shadow? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…

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