A4 T2 7

“I can do this all day.” Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

The anticipation couldn’t be any higher for Avengers: End Game.  The culmination of eleven years os storytelling, spread throughout a vast universe across many different franchises.  It’s a monumental moment in cinema and pop culture history.

Marvel has been doing a fantastic job at keeping details of the plot close to the chest, and this new trailer continues that trend.  In fact, maybe half of it is re-used footage from past films, or previously seen shots from previous trailers. But what new information can we learn from it?  Well, lets watch that trailer again.

  • The trailer starts with some nostalgic flashbacks.  We see the origins of both Iron Man and Captain America—with fitting emotional voiceover in the background.  If you felt nothing listening to this, then you may just be a robot.
  • Focus is pretty heavy on not only Tony and Steve, but their big emotional ties to both Pepper and Peggy respectively.
  • You have to wonder if the effect of draining all the color besides the reds is supposed to hint at anything in specific.  At the very least it does a great job at making you feel the weight of everything that has come before this huge culmination of over a decade of films.
  • The footage for around the first thirty seconds is mostly, if not entirely, old/seen footage.
A4 T2 1

Hawkeye training what seems to be his daughter. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

  • The first new footage we see is Hawkeye training what seems to be his daughter—yes, you read that right: not Kate Bishop.  Looking at his haircut, it seems that this scene is likely pre-snap. Could the movie start out tragically? Showing Hawkeye in a place of peace and bliss, only to have his whole family dusted away. Would be a very impactful reminder of the state of things.
  • We see Natasha meeting up with Clint.  This is very likely their first meeting post snap, and possibly even Natasha’s first confirmation that Clint survived the Decimation.
  • We hear voice over of Peggy Carter from her time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  So no, what we hear is not new dialogue from End Game.
  • More sad shots as the focus shifts to Thor, reminding us of everything that these characters have lost.
  • Steve and Natasha having a moment.  Notice how her hair is now longer, and red–suggesting a good chunk of time has passed.  There is a good likelihood that there is a time jump or two within the film.
  • We see Bruce Banner looking at something skeptically.
A4 T2 14

Scott realizing that something is very wrong. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

  • A shot of Scott Lange looking at a bunch of missing posters.  This is probably after he gets himself out of his sticky situation at the end of Ant-Man & The Wasp.  All signs point to him arriving back after a significant amount of time has passed (note the overgrown plant life on the house behind him).
  •  We see a Quinjet flying towards a city.  Likely the same city that we saw Natasha and Clint meeting up in earlier.
  • Clint comforting Natasha.  Could this be directly after their meetup in the city?
  • “We owe it to everyone not in this room to try.”
  • Hawkeye running away from an explosion.  No signs to what exactly it is, however it could be related to something i will mention in a few bullet points.  Also notice the glowing device on his arm.
  • The winning shot of the trailer. The team-up you didn’t know you needed.  Rocket riding on War Machine’s shoulder. Notice the surrounding lighting.  This potentially could take place in the same place as the other action pieces we glimpse in this trailer.
A4 T2 12

The winning shot of the trailer. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

  • Steve in a park. Talking to someone important i’m sure.  But who?
  • Sad Hawkeye.
  • Ant-Man  suited up in Avengers HQ. Now here is a very important thing to note. It’s a blink and you miss it moment. Notice how something is lighting up in the bottom left of the frame–like an explosion is going off.  This could be the explanation for a lot of the set pieces seen in this trailer, and suggests that we could get a very large battle sequence in the ruins of Avengers HQ.
  • Nice shot of Thor, however there are no hints to his location.  I mean he could still be on the fields of Wakanda.
  • Nebula angrily launching herself at someone (we all know who that someone probably is).  The destroyed area around her is in the same gray, dusk lit environment.  Potentially the aftermath at Avengers HQ?
  • Hawkeye aiming at something unseen.  This takes place in what seems to be the same hallway we saw him in earlier.  This shot gives us a better look at th device on his wrist/hand.
A4 T2 8

Hawkeye aiming at an unseen threat, with an unknown device on his arm. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

  • Badass shot of Natasha at target practice. Not the lighting outside, and how it is in line with what has been in the background of other shots.
  • Captain America strapping down his shield, and digging his feet into the ground. Could this be his last stand?
  • Ant-Man launching himself from a number 2 pencil. This would seemingly show that the scene takes place on earth.  It also lines up with the thought process that Avengers HQ might be a goner. As for what Ant-Man is doing specifically, it’s hard to make out anything specific in the scene other than the pencil.
  • Now we get the money shots of our Avengers in their new matching red & white outfits.  Why you ask? Well there are no concrete hints in the trailer.  But a strange coincidence (maybe not one at all) is that the suits look very much like the one that Hank Pym used to go into the Quantum Realm. They all even have the matching red lights for the Pym Particles.  Could these be the suits they wear to enter the Quantum Realm as a solution to besting Thanos?
  • And our final scene of the trailer. A nice little moment with Thor and the new arrival: Captain Marvel.  A good thing to point out here is Black Widow’s hair.  It’s short and blonde, unlike the longer red hair we see her sporting for a majority of the trailer.
A4 T2 3

Avengers in their new matching suits! Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

Overall, I’d say the trailer was pretty damn great.  Maintains the extreme levels of hypes, while showing us very little when it comes to new information.  What are your thoughts on the new trailer? Did you see something I missed? Make sure to comment down below with your thoughts.

Avengers: End Game can be seen in theaters nationwide on April 26th.