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Mark finally made it to the altar. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Erinsborough weddings rarely go off without a hitch, but the marriage of Mark and Elly might have broken some sort of record considering the short amount of time it took for their relationship to hit the rocks. They were still at the wedding reception when Elly broke down and admitted to having cheated on Mark with his sister, Chloe.

This has all been brewing for a while, with Chloe having developed feelings for Elly, and the two having kissed when they were helping each other through some tough times. As Mark was struggling to cope with his grief after having lost Sonya, his knee-jerk reaction was to call off the wedding, and Elly turned to Chloe and a few bottles of wine for comfort, which is when things went way too far.

Now, I want to be up front about my opinion on Elly because I feel like it’s going to colour my whole take on this situation. I don’t like Elly, and I never have. She’s exactly the sort of person I would avoid in real life – I find her self-centred and vacuous and she makes every situation all about her, even when it isn’t. If you’re an Elly fan, you might want to skip reading the rest of this, because I absolutely do not have any time for her.

Chloe, on the other hand, is one of my favourites, and so – full disclosure – I find it much easier to forgive her mistakes than I do Elly’s. Having said that, sleeping with your brother’s fiancée after he’s just lost his best friend and right before his wedding is decidedly not cool.

But Elly. Come on.

The loss of Sonya has hit Mark hard, and it’s worth mentioning how much Scott McGregor has really shone in his recent episodes. Everyone on Neighbours seems to have upped their game lately, and he deserves a lot of credit for the way he’s portrayed Mark’s grief. Devastated by Sonya’s death, and also the fact that he had been avoiding her because of his inability to deal with her illness, Mark couldn’t cope with being on Ramsay Street, and especially had no time for wedding preparations. He skipped town and called off the wedding in a text to Elly. That might not be the best way to have handled the situation, but grief can be all-consuming, and it can make you do some crazy things. Typically, Elly made it her tragedy instead because Mark had “abandoned her” and was “pushing her away”. I think I would push her away too, because she is like an extractor fan for drama, she just sucks up everyone else’s problems.

In a rather improbable bit of outback detective work, Aaron managed to find the exact crap caravan that Mark had fled to and, by the means of an even more improbably placed letter from one of Mark’s many previous fiancées, managed to persuade him to come back to Ramsay Street. Elly threw a bit of a tantrum when he got back, but an attention-seeker like her couldn’t resist the lure of her own wedding, so everything ended up being back on.

Elly made sure she waited until they were legally married before she fled from the reception in tears in front of everyone, which is a situation so dramatic that it surely must have been one of the top items on her bucket list. When Mark followed her, she confessed to him that she had cheated on him with his sister, so now Mark has that to deal with on top of the sudden death of his best friend. Elly and Chloe have really done a number on him, the poor guy.

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Elly runs from the weddeing. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

You’ve got to feel sorry for him. He’s been engaged approximately 16 times, and he finally makes it all the way to the altar and then this happens. If I were him I think I’d head back to that caravan…

This is as far as I’d got with this storyline at the time of writing, so I dread to think what Elly is going to do next after her big confession, but I can almost guarantee that it’s going to annoy me. Please send your positive thoughts to me while I watch the next week of Neighbours whilst grinding my teeth and scowling at the TV.