This is it, the moment of truth. Well, we experienced several moments of truth, but now Beck gets to see what kind of sick person Joe can really be. Locking Beck in the book cage was one of the most dumbest things he could possibly do. I thought that he would at least kept her in her home, but his actions all steamed from Mr. Mooney. In the beginning of the episode we saw a scene of Mr.Mooney locking Joe in the book cage until he understood who he was to him. This was the moment that I realized that Joe only put her in there because Mr.Mooney did it to him and it made him realize how much he meant to him, but Beck is a different story. First off, Beck isn’t a troubled teen she is a grown a** woman who doesn’t need to be put in a time out because she discovered the love of her life is a psychopath.  I don’t know why Joe thought that it was gonna make her love him more when he dehumanized her. Joe’s reasoning for putting Beck in the cage, was because he didn’t want her to “freak out”.  I would freak out too if I found those disgusting items in a box hidden away. I’m a bookworm and even I wouldn’t want to be in that cage. It’s small, no TV, no comfy furniture, and glass everywhere so that Joe can monitor you like a pet! And don’t get me started on the small glass window where he can give her food.

It was laughable to see Joe think that talking to Beck reasonably would get her to calm down and accept being in a cage. While leaving her in the basement of the bookstore, Joe insisted that he had to protect Beck from the world by putting her on a social media detox. He even lied to her friends by saying that she was going on a writing retreat. I always find it clever how much of a great Social Media Manager Joe is, he should’ve really switched occupations, this whole killing for love gimmick is not romantic at all. I think it’s crazy that he even see’s it as romantic in any kind of way. I also didn’t understand how he lived his life as a human avenger for the people that he loves, but didn’t take Ron out of the picture. Now, that’s someone that has to go! A scene of Claudia being taken in the ambulance broke my heart. It turned out that Ron gave her a brutal beating that caused a concussion and had the audacity to ride in the back of the ambulance with her. Joe’s confusion about the situation was very hypocritical of course. He questioned the officers about Ron not being put away for abusing Claudia. Well, why isn’t Joe being put away for murder and locking his girlfriend in a bookcase? is a better question.

Joe thought that his “kind” gestures was going to sooth Beck into being comfortable in the cage because Mr. Mooney place him there to stay out of trouble. Again, Beck is not a child Joe. He even gave Beck some homework to do by placing a typewriter in the cellar. I thought that Beck wouldn’t be able to write because of her environment, but she managed to get a manuscript done while Joe was away lying to her friends. I love how Beck compared Prince Charming to Bluebeard. At the end of the day Joe is no prince charming, he’s just a coward. At least she had a lot of time to think because she came up with a brilliant plan to free herself. She wrote the manuscript to frame Dr. Nicky so that she could ensure that Joe wouldn’t get put away If she got out of the cage. It took for Beck to say that she loves him for him to actually believe her. Just when he entered the cage, she stabbed him with a key from the typewriter and locked him in the cage. When she freed herself of Joe, she verbally abused him and said that she could never love him. As hard as it may have been to pretend like she was in love with him after everything that he did, I thought that she did a good job of lowering Joe in. We all know he is a fool for love and love was all it took to trap him.

Beck tried to escape from the basement, but she didn’t have the keys to get herself out. When she returned to the cellar to find them Joe was out of the cage. It turned out there was a spare key in there the entire time. This made me so upset because I wondered why Benji and Beck didn’t look for away out while being trapped in there. This was the only smart thing that Joe did in the entire episode. When Beck locked eyes with him you could see the fear rising in her body, luckily she was able to defend herself by hitting Joe with a book mallet. The second time Beck tried to escape she did have the keys, but she wast able to get out of the door. When she asked Paco for help he shut the door in her face because Joe finally took out Ron so that Paco wouldn’t have to worry about him or his mom getting hurt anymore. I loved how Paco shut the door like “It sounds like a personal problem to me”. Beck cries for help eventually faded when Joe grabbed her, but this time there was no going back into the cage, there was no love, there was no redemption between the two, and there was no Beck anymore.

4 months after the quarrel, Joe is living happily ever after in the bookstore selling copies of Beck’s book that she couldn’t even live to see. I was really pissed when he said “I miss you” If you missed her, you shouldn’t have killed her! This man makes no sense to me at all. Beck’s manuscript was his way out of doing time in prison by framing Dr.Nicky for her murder even thought Joe killed her, buried her, and got her book published. I thought it was the most shadiest thing I’ve ever watched. On top of getting away with murder he had the gaul to eyeball another woman after Beck was gone for only 4 months. I thought it was hilarious how he repeated the same narration he spoke in his head when Beck first entered the book store, only this time there is no Beck, but there is a Candace live in the flesh. When they locked eyes I couldn’t tell if it was just another one of Joe’s visions, but she actually spoke to her and said that she was alive. I wonder if Joe tried to kill her or thought he did kill her because she said that they had some unfinished business.

Even though we’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions with Joe and Beck, I think this is an amazing show and I can’t wait for season 2 the suspicion is killing me! I also thought that casting Shay Mitchell was a brilliant idea on Netflix’s end along with making the book into a TV show instead of a movie. I plan to follow up with the show by keeping up with trailers and release dates. Before watching the show I didn’t know that ‘You’ was a book first. I’m actually scared to get a copy of the book because If I read it, I will know what will happen in season too and I love the fact that the show was unpredictable. Most things that I thought were going to happen didn’t happen didn’t happen which excited me. The only thing I didn’t like was that Joe is portrayed to be someone that is very intellectual, but does stupid things.  I really hope the Salinger’s private investigator gets enough evidence to corner Joe, but then I thought about how Joe could possibly kill him before gets exposed. Something I also thought about is how Paco is going to grow up without a male influence in his life and knowledge of how to cover up a murder thanks to Joe. Could you even imagine Joe having children of his own? It’s scary right? I also hope that Candice intentions are to expose Joe eventually because he is too broken to be fixed, even therapy didn’t help him out. He is just a wrecking ball writing to tear up a woman’s life for love. We will see what the unfinished business is in season 2. Tell us what you thought about in the show in the comments and stay tuned to my reviews of The Umbrella Academy.