Veronica Mars

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Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell are in the early stages of teaming up for the revival that Veronica Mars fans have been begging for since the fans funded the Veronica Mars film in 2014. The original show was a cult favorite, following then teenage Veronica, an amateur private investigator, as she solved crimes, including the murder of her best friend. When it was cancelled, fans campaigned for years to revive it, until they finally crowd-sourced the Veronica Mars film in 2013, raising 5.7 Million dollars on Kickstarter, and bringing some resolution to die-hard Marshmallows (the affectionate term for the shows’ fans).

Thomas, who currently helms the CW series iZombie hinted at the Winter TCA event that he and Bell want to release a 6-episode series at some point in the future. Unfortunately, the timing may prove to be a hurdle. Bell currently works on the NBC series The Good Place while Thomas has his commitments at the CW, which also include a remake of the 1980’s vampire film The Lost Boys. Fans of the show have never given up, however, and, given Thomas and Bell’s enthusiasm for the project, have faith that we’ll see more Veronica Mars in the future!

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