As many of you know, our house is obsessed with Bluey. We can’t get enough of the Heeler family and all their friends. While the animated Australian series may be geared toward children, there are a few episodes and scenes that resonate deeply with parents, as if they were made specifically for them. These moments often address adult challenges in a simple yet profound way. Here are some of my personal favorites from the past three seasons:

Season One, Episode 14 “Take Away” In this episode, Dad, Bingo, and Bluey stop to pick up Chinese takeout at The Golden Crown. While waiting, Dad’s patience is tested as the girls continue not to listen. However, when Dad reads a fortune cookie that says, “Flowers may bloom, but a person never has a chance to be young again,” he realizes the importance of cherishing the present moment. As a result, he allows the girls to play in the faucet just as the takeout is ready.

Parenting Take Away: They aren’t little forever. Take the time to appreciate the little moments too.

Season One Episode 41, “Mums and Dads” While playing at school, Bluey’s friends Indy and Rusty pretend to be parents to baby Polly. Initially, they struggle to agree on who will work, and then Indy faces difficulties in finding suitable childcare. Eventually, they realize that it’s Saturday, and neither of them works on Saturdays.

Parenting Takeaway: Childcare can be challenging even in Bluey’s world. It’s inspiring to see Indy advocating for women’s rights to work and challenging societal stigma. Ultimately, this episode highlights the importance of compromise and serves as a reminder that our children are always observing us.

Season 2 Episode 11, “Charades” The girls and their cousins are dropped off at Nana’s for an afternoon of fun. They all end up playing charades, and the girls learn that sometimes you have to make exceptions for younger kids. They also discover that Nana once had her own Nana.

Parenting Takeaway: Give your Nana a hug. One day, you will be a Nana too. (The Best Nana EVER!) 😉

Season 2 Episode “Mum School,” Bluey avoids bath time by pretending to be a mother to a set of balloons. Despite Mum’s reservations, they play Mum’s school and rate her parenting skills. One balloon causes more trouble than the others. Through this experience, Bluey learns that all children are different and that everyone is doing their best.

Parenting Takeaway: No one is a “perfect parent,” and tomorrow is a new day.

Season 2 Episode 26 “Grandad” In this episode, we are introduced to Chili’s Dad for the first time. He has recently been discharged from the hospital and joins the girls on a wild chase, despite Chili’s objections.

Parenting Takeaway: The episode highlights the realization of our parents’ aging, as well as our own. It serves as a reminder that regardless of our age, we still “need” our parents in some capacity.

Season 2 Episode 50 “Baby Race” This episode never fails to make me cry. It might just be my all-time favorite. In this episode, Mum reflects on the challenges of being a first-time mother and constantly comparing herself to Judo and Judo’s mom, who live next door. It takes Coco’s mom coming over to help Mum realize the truth.

Parenting Take Away: “If no one has told you, you’re doing a great job!” If you’re going to watch any episode, make sure it’s this one.

Season 3 Episode 5 “Omelette” It’s Dad’s birthday and he’s starving. The Heeler girls are trying to make breakfast for him, but Bingo’s attempts to help result in many broken eggs.

Parenting Take Away: Kids learn from experience. Sometimes that experience is messy and filled with failures, but ultimately, practice makes perfect. So when it comes to learning how to crack eggs, there will be some unusable ones in the process.

Season 3 Episode 12 “Sheep Dog” Mom has had a long day and needs a 20-minute break, so Dad agrees to play Sheep Dog to keep the girls from bothering her. Judo’s mom also gets involved to assist.

Parenting Take Away: It was refreshing to see the challenges of motherhood and the act of asking for help being portrayed as normal. It was even better when Judo’s mom recognized that Chili needed assistance and “shaved the sheep dog” for her while the girls played with Judo. It was the perfect example of that village all moms are looking for.

Season 3 Episode 24 – “Faceytalk” The girls call their cousins via FaceTime to chat. Muffin, unable to share the iPad, hides throughout the house. We catch glimpses of parents fighting and making up, highlighting the challenges of parenting and striving to do it right.

Parenting Take Away: The realities of parenting and the pressure to “do it right” are central themes. Kudos for showing Dad stepping up and Mom sharing the invisible load of staying up to date with the latest parenting knowledge.

Season 3 Episode 31, “Onesies” Chili’s sister, Brandy, comes to visit after being estranged for some time and brings onesies as gifts. The onesie has some effect on Bingo, and Mom has to explain why Brandy hasn’t been around.

Parenting Take Away: This episode explores the topic of fertility, which may not be fully understood by children. However, parents who have struggled to conceive can empathize with the emotions surrounding infertility and its impact on relationships.

Season 3 Episode 36 “Dirt” The Heeler family receives a delivery of a pile of dirt, and the kids are eager to play in it. Judo has always been instructed to avoid getting dirty, but Judo’s Mom intervenes when she sees her daughter missing out.

Parenting Take Away: Our children are observing us, and sometimes we need to demonstrate how to have fun.

Bluey is more than just an animated series for children. It’s a show that captures the joys and challenges of parenting in a way that resonates with adults as well. Through its heartfelt and relatable moments, Bluey reminds us to cherish the little moments, compromise, ask for help when needed, and appreciate the journey of parenthood. So, if you haven’t already, sit down with your little ones and dive into the wonderful world of Bluey. You won’t be disappointed! You can watch Bluey on Disney+ or the Disney Channel!