On the previous episode of ‘You’ Joe decided that it was time to take care of Peach and by “take care of” I mean kill her. His plans failed though because she was rescued and still alive in the hospital. Unfortunately for Joe, he didn’t know if she saw him attack her. On top of receiving the bad news that she was still alive, he had also suffered the aftermath of beat down from Ron thanks to Paco and his experiments. I still didn’t think it was right for Ron to punch Joe in the face after he saved his life, but I guess his hatred for Joe over powers any good deed he could ever do. On this episode we saw Joe and Beck visit peach after being discharged from the hospital. You would’ve thought that Peach would have a huge scar, a concussion, or slight amnesia, but she was still the same old Peach that she was before Joe hit her on the head with a rock. I admit Joe is a great pretender he pretends to have an actual care in the world for Beck’s friends when inside he has a deep rooted plant of hatred for Peach. As we saw in the episode there isn’t a such thing as just Joe and Beck without Peach having anything to do with it. Joe’s attack just gave Peach some ammo to use Beck as her best friend/healer. If you thought that she put on a good show when she faked her suicide attempt, she defiantly put on a good show after she was struck. She believed Joe when he said she has a stalker, but she didn’t suspect Joe which relived him, but still wants peach out of the picture. While he visited her he was asked to leave because Peach didn’t want any “male energy” in her healing space and he had to take his peasant balloon with him. You see no matter what type of fake friendly gestures Joe tries to make towards Peach, she is always going to see Joe for who he truly is. A threat and that’s why Joe declared war.

Peach did a tremendous job of keeping the two separated in fact, she found a way to isolate herself with Beck by inviting her to one of her parents home which was located an hour away from the big city (bye bye Joe). Of course that didn’t stop the master stalker as he ensured that he found Peach’es address to watch over Beck. I thought it was ironic how Peach was smart enough to pack a gun, but wasn’t smart enough to lock the doors to her home. Joe sneaked into the home with ease thanks to Peach and was able to observe the women from a far without being caught. We saw that Joe wasn’t lying about Peach being in love with Beck, but he still felt like she had to go. It was ironic of them to both watch Beck as she bathed in the bath tub naked. It was even more ironic of Joe to watch Peach watch Beck and criticizing her for doing it not knowing that its exactly what he looks like stalking Beck. They both look at Beck the same way, they both love Beck, they both try to control Beck and yes both of them are insane for fighting over a woman that doesn’t fight for them.

This episode really got interesting when we saw Joe replay memories of Candice. I couldn’t decide exactly if her presence was just part of a hallucination from the head trauma he suffered from the fight and car accident or was it her ghost. Like Joe said, Beck is nothing like Candice, but she is probably part of the reason why he is doing any and everything to have Beck right where he wants her. Candice seemed for free spirited, wild, and suspicious vs Beck who is also a little like Candice, but does a great job of hiding it, I mean from everyone accept for Joe. Candice appeared in several scenes of this episode which made me question what exactly happened between her and Joe. We saw little bits and pieces about their relationship through out the season and there are several sides to the story, but only one truth. It also made me believe that despite everything that Joe has went through to have Beck, he still isn’t over Candice and is looking for Beck to fulfill that emptiness that he holds that was once fulfilled by Candice. The truth is Peach would never have Beck as a lover because she is manipulative and can’t even be a good friend. Joe will never fully have Beck because he has trust issues, he doesn’t believe in privacy, and he feels the need to alternate a life where she should have the choice to change. Even if Joe didn’t kill Benji and tried to kill Peach, he is still a broken man in the form of a monster who believes that he can live life playing games until…………it catches up with him

Towards the end of the episode it actually did catch up with him. He spent the night in Peach’s home observing her as she drugged Beck, seduced her into kissing her, and inviting an old friend over to spice things up. Luckily Beck wasn’t too high to not know what she was doing. Peach’s actions actually lead Beck to believe that Joe was right about her. When Beck did confront Peach, she turned the tables on her as if it was her idea to engage in kissing. Peach told Beck that she uses people, but it’s actually Beck who always gets used. She intended to go out of town with Peach so that she could taker care of her, but somehow Peach appeared well and actually tried to take care of Beck. Peach can cry wolf very well because she did lower Beck into offering her a new home in Paris, which she denied before they fought. Joe was actually proud of Beck for standing up for herself and for him for once, but his little celebration was over when he saw himself talking to Candice again and Peach knocked him out.

Once Joe regained his conscious, Peach uncovered Joe’s dirty lies and secrets. She found out that Joe was her stalker and possibly her attacker from the park, but Joe was in denial and insisted that he was there to get Beck. When all of his lies failed to get through her head he began to attack her verbally by saying that Beck would never love her and that she could never have her. This enraged Peach and caused her to start shooting her gun at Joe. Eventually she shot him sending him to the ground where he appeared dead, but he was just playing possum to trip Peach and get her away from the gun. The showdown ended with one last gun shot and the ambulance taking in a body. Could you imagine who it was? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Joe. Yes Joe took out one Beck’s best friends and although she wasn’t a good friend, Beck still cared for her just like she did for the other toxic people in her life, but Joe doesn’t feel bad about it at all. He even went as far as writing Peach’s suicide not to cover up the murder.

Joe originally thought that if he got rid of Peach he would be the savior to Beck and he was right. Beck begged for Joe to stay, but we won’t know how much longer that will last. Without Peach, Beck is even more broken than before and lost. I thought it was classless of Joe to kill Peach and even had the audacity to attend her funeral with Beck. I thought that this man had a heart, but I see now that his heart only beats for Beck. I truly hope he did a helluva job covering up his tracks in her home because it only takes one small piece of evidence to take Joe down. I have a feeling that someone will eventually discover the urine that he placed in one of Peach’s Jars when he couldn’t go to the bathroom or maybe even some finger prints he left around the house. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Peach’s family had camera’s since she was so paranoid after her attack. In Joe’s head he feels like Beck will eventually get over Peach and they will live happily ever after, but life doesn’t work that way. Joe has completely messed up the “nice guy finishes last” scenario. I actually feel like he cut in line to Beck’s heart, but you can’t steal love, you have to earn it. In this case, Joe didn’t earn anything. Hopefully his karma is exactly what he is giving to Beck. Hell.