The Flash — “Goldfaced” –Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Goldfaced” and Events That Occurred Prior

If you had told me on paper what “Goldfaced” was about, and the narratives it followed, I would have thought that it would be a standard Flash affair—maybe bordering the tedious side. I would have been wrong. This week’s installment was through and through fantastic. Not only did all of the very separate story arcs hold well on their own, but each added some strong character work to their respective subjects.

I want to start out with Nora’s devious distraction. Under Thawne’s guidance, Nora aligns the stars just right for Sherloque to run into the Earth-1 version of his Ex—a ploy to distract him from digging into Nora’s secrets. Not only did it work, but we got some really interesting and unexpectedly touching Sherloque backstory. His many ex wives happens to be the same person, just on many different earths. It really gave Sherloque a relatable, and potent connection, learning of the hopeless romantic side of him. Instead of going after random woman and screwing it up as we thought, Sherloque instead is fixated on one person. A person, who no matter the world, Sherloque is convinced that she is the person for him. I do have one question to pose however: is she really a Meta on Earth-1, it was that simply a visual trick by Nora to cement her distraction? It was hard to be sure.

The Flash — “Goldfaced” —  Pictured (L-R): Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

This season continues to show how much better the writer’s have become when it comes to Ralph’s character. Barry and Ralph both went undercover in a criminal operation in order to try to secure a special device. It was really fun to watch these scenes play out. Especially when Barry and Ralph turned against everyone, and went in stun gun blazing. Ralph’s inability to go through with stealing the device was a great moment, and goes to show that he’s not as corrupt as he once was—or as he still thinks he can be. If I were to gripe, I would point out that Barry’s “lesson learned” moment was extremely pointed—and is something he has arguably learned on several occasions now.

One of the things that surprised me the most about this episode was how interesting and tense Iris’ side mission was. Watching Iris try to sneak around a Cicada occupied house was  tension filled, and even more so when she tried to play her way out of it. I applaud the writer’s for not involving Flash in these sequences (until it was all said and done). They worked fantastically with Iris on her own, cornered by their big bad. A lot of the impact would have been lost if she had her easy way out with Barry on speed dial. The scenes amplified the creep and horror vibe that Cicada gives off. Something that’s very welcome if the show intends to keep him held up as the season’s big bad.

Flash 513 3

Iris caught in a bad spot. Photo courtesy of Flickering Myth.

“Goldfaced” pleasantly surprised as we got a very well put together tale that advanced all of the show’s plots in a natural and entertaining fashion. Not only that, but this episode had a very unique feel to it, and felt very different than the usual Flash affair—which is all around a good thing. With Sherloque distracted from his Nora investigation, Nora’s secret seems safe for the time being. But how long will it last? Surely the team is going to have to catch wind of something soon.

Bonus Notes:

  • I’m no doctor, but the force used against Goldface at the end of the episode sure looked to be more than a stub setting. I mean…he’s dead. (I know he’s not, but I mean look at him)

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