Source: Kingdom on Netflix

As the lover of walkers, and zombies I was excited to see another zombie type movie coming out called the Kingdom. But to my surprise when I was going to turn it on it was actually a SHOW! Season 1 has 6 episodes, it is a subtitle show which does make it a little bit difficult to review, but I am enjoying it immensely so far. Please forgive me as I work my way through this all, I believe this takes place in South Korea. This episode was a big setup of the landscape for the show.

In the Kingdom, the King is dead and people are putting some sort of notice up all around the Kingdom. Guards have been chasing down people who have been putting up the notices, the guard ended up chopping off 2 heads. Well that is one crazy way to start the show!

The Prince Chang wanted to go see his father but couldn’t because his “mother” said that he couldn’t. The mother seems like a very young thing, obviously a step mother. She appears to be a bee with an itch, barely of age and pregnant. Something is going on but we can’t pinpoint it just yet. The prince leaves with his personal guard, they talk about what just transpired and the prince asks his assistant to go and steal the journal. Everything has to be documented no matter what happened and he knows this will tell him what is actually going on.

The Prince went in the palace, to try to see if he can find what’s going on, walking through the hallway he hears and sees a monster in another room, he can see the person is attached to chains. The guards see the Prince and wants to kill him, the Queen wants him struck down dead so her unborn son will be the new heir to the throne. The prince gets to go to the kings room and the king is not in the throne room. The prince is told that the King’s illness has subsided and went to the Queen’s palace and the Prince is escorted out. The princes guard was able to find the journal, the King collapses 10 days ago, high fever, symptoms so severe the King was in critical condition and the journal entries stopped. Physician Lee Seung-Hui of Jiyulheon in Dongnae was called in but resigned 3 years ago.

At Dongnae, Physician Lee returned, and Dan-I is dead. Back at the palace the crown prince is going to be arrested and is no longer the heir to the throne. Royal Investigation Bureau says he is wanted for treason. The prince wants to leave to go talk to physician Lee and admits to his guard that he did conspire to commit treason against his father. He was not a legit son and if the queen had a boy the prince would die and lose his chance at the throne. He wanted to try to save himself and the scholars by going to Dongnae. The guards are going to send 10 men on the fastest horses followed by 50 competent soldiers of the royal guard to get the prince.

The compound suddenly had all sorts of food for everyone after being without food for awhile. One guy went and hunted a deer, he cooked for everyone, everyone seemed to be in good spirits as they were eating. Someone asked for seconds and the head physician went to get another bowl of soup and noticed a finger! She knows the truth that everyone was eating a person and not a deer. Dan-I the dead assistant was cooked up, and everyone is going to infection town! The guy tells the physician that the south survived by cannibalism and not with help from the king so it’s not awful.

One of the kids gets sick immediately after eating soup, it triggers and some are getting sick shortly afterwards. The kid dies QUICKLY, one of the physicians goes out and sees all sorts of bodies keeled over. She goes to try to help some making noise, while doing that all sorts of others wake up and eat on some tasty human flesh!