Merry has accepted her Aunt Andias’s terms in the race to become pregnant before her cousin Cel can impregnate someone and therefore inherit the dark throne. Merry has chosen lovers and has taken them back to Los Angeles. Her chosen lovers at this point are Doyle, once the Queen’s Darkness, has now left her side. Frost, Galen her childhood love, Nicca who is the queen’s spy and Rhys. Merry resumes her work at Grey Detective Agency. Several of the men sign on too.

Merry is approached by Maeve Reed who a famous Hollywood actress who is also Fae. Maeve is exiled from the Seelie court. Maeve is desperate to have a baby with her dying human husband and pleads with Merry to do a fertility rite for her. She is desperate enough to have Merry preform this rite that she tells Merry why she was exiled. Maeve had refused King Taranis’s advances to make her his wife because she believed him infertile and said so.

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Merry and Doyle finally get a night together only to have it cut short my Queen Andias to tell them the Nameless has been freed. The Nameless is all of the Sidhe’s, both the Seelie and Unseelie, worst qualities tied up in a nasty spell. There are few that could call it forth.

Galen had been injured by Queen Niceven’s court and only she knew how to fix him. To get the cure Merry must accept a representative of Niceven to take blood from her once a week. A little Demi-fey by the name of Sage is chosen and Merry agrees.

King Taranis is up to no good it seems. He is overly interested in Merry and wants her attend the Yule ball. He also wants to throw a feast in her honor.

Will Merry and her men stop the Nameless? What is Taranis up to? Read A Caress Of Twilight and let me know what you think in the comments below. Till next week…