Books are great and all, but do you sometimes wish you could see what you imagine in your head in a comic panel or more stories from your favorite series told in graphic novel form. Here are three book series that have the potential to continue in comic books.

Artemis Fowl:  Artemis Fowl is the story of an evil boy genius who seeks to rob fairies of their gold. In the end, he becomes their ally on numerous adventures told through eight main books and three spinoffs in the Fowl Twin books following his younger twin brothers. While it never achieved quite the same mainstream success as its rival Harry Potter (the movie didn’t help), there is a lot of potential for more stories in the Artemis Fowl universe. And comic books might be the best medium to further explore the adventures of Artemis Fowl and friends. Maybe there could be a Mulch Diggums solo series? A Leprecon prequel anthology series that follows the adventures of Captain Holly Short or other members of the Lower Elements Police Recon would be cool? A series bridging the gap between the main series and the Fowl Twins? Or even another continuation might all be suitable ideas for a comic series. The first four books have already been adapted into graphic novels, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to create an original Artemis Fowl story in comic book form.

The Bartimaeus Sequence is another fantasy series that follows the djinni Bartimaeus as he is forced to serve many human masters throughout history. The main series took place in an alternate version of England, while a prequel book took place in the ancient Middle East. There is plenty of potentials to explore Bartimaues’ storied career over the years or perhaps a follow-up story to the main trilogy. Why not both?

The Pendragon Adventure:  The Pendragon Adventure is a book series that I’m surprised hasn’t been made into a movie or tv series. It tells the story of Bobby Pendragon and his fellow travelers as they must protect the “territories” or worlds of Halla from the evil Saint Dane. While the story was mostly wrapped up in the ten-book series, there is still plenty of room to explore the ten different territories further. Additionally, the books were mainly told through the point of view of Bobby and his friends Mark and Courtney, so why not a comic series retelling the events through the eyes of one or multiple of the other travelers or even a Saint Dane series.

I would like to see those three book series adapted into comic books. What book series would you like to see?