Meredith Gentry, aka Merry, is a P.I. Working for Grey Detective Agency in Los Angeles, California. Jeremy Grey is the owner of said detective agency. Jeremy is a trow. A trow is a wicked fae that is generally dark in color. Many of the Sidhe (pronounced shee) don’t care for and mistrust them. Merry had fled to California to get away from her family. You see, Merry’s family tried to kill her numerous times before and after her father died. What no one in Los Angeles knows is that Merry Gentry is actually Meredith NicEssus, Princess of the Glittering Throng of the Unseelie Sidhe. For her to reveal her true identity would spell her death and the death of those who knew.

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The case that comes in is one that the agency doesn’t have the heart to refuse. They know they shouldn’t take it but they are the women’s only hope. It seems there is a man preying on women and making them become sexually addicted to him. Merry is the one to go under cover for this assignment. It becomes all too clear that the situation is going to go sideways quickly. The man is using Branwyn’s Tears. It’s an oil that smells of vanilla and cinnamon and can turn a human or lesser fae into a Sidhe lover for a night or cause a Sidhe lover to become enslaved.

As soon as the oil touches Merry’s skin she is lost. Lost to her desires and lost to the safety she had built. She and her lover Roane have sex using the Branwyn’s Tears one last time. She knew her aunt was on her way and tried to run. She was caught by Sholto, King of the Slaugh. Once he has her he makes her a tempting offer. Return to Fairie and all of it’s splendor and magic in return for becoming his wife. Sholto is a handsome many except for one thing, his body has a nest of tentacles on his abdomen. Try as she might, Merry couldn’t go forward having sex with him and therefore knew she could not become his wife.

Nerys the Grey is a member of the slaugh as she is a nighthag, and a part of King Sholto’s household. She and two of her sisters attack Merry. When they do, Merry defends herself and the power of The Hand Of Flesh shows up turning Nerys inside out. Literally. Doyle finds her and forces her to give Nerys a true death with the Queen’s sword, Mortal Dread. Doyle is loyal to the queen and only the queen. He is called the Queen’s Darkness or My Darkness depending on who is referring to him.

Doyle delivers a message to Merry. Come home under the Queen’s protection. She has a proposal for Merry. Merry feel this is too good to be true but follows Doyle back home. Once there, Merry is given the royal treatment (hope you enjoyed the pun). Queen Andias’s proposal is the following: She will give up her throne to the person who can get pregnant first. The competition is between the queen’s son Cel and Merry.

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Will Merry accept the proposal? Who will make an attempt on Merry’s life while she is in Fairie? Who gave the Branwyn’s Tears to a mortal? Read A Kiss of Shadows and find out. If you already read it, did you like it? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…