Things got wild in the previous episode of the Umbrella Academy as Hazel and Cha-Cha nearly busted a cap in five’s rear end, Vanya instructed a new student who seemed to be flirting with her, and Luther’s conspiracy theory was found not to be false in the end. The chaos  continued in the episode of “Extra Ordinary”. We saw that Vanya is not only not ordinary, but she is unnoticeable. When she decided to pursue her dream of publishing an autobiography that drove her family to hate her. Being in a family full of children who have powers only made her feel insignificant and her father didn’t make her feel special in any kind of way. The book’s publicity was a flop, but I believe Vanya did it to make herself feel like she was heard. Instead of reading it, her father shelved her published work and her siblings only pointed out the fact that she revealed their families’s secrets. I thought that it was very selfish of her family to make her autobiography all about them when she wanted to reveal her underlying emptiness, loneliness, and lack of self identity. It’s one thing to be an outcast by the world, but there is another level of hurt when you’re an outcast in your own family. Vanya didn’t ask to be born. Vanya didn’t asked to be adopted, so I don’t understand why she constantly gets blamed for her own existence.

Luther and Allison watched the recorded tape that shows the time and day of their father’s passing, but the only one that was present in the room was their mother. Since then, the entire family had placed their mother on the suspect list. I wondered why she didn’t shed a tear at their father’s memorial, but I found out that their “mother” was actually designed by Sir.Hargreaves as a natural caretaker for the family. Of course a woman perfect in every way is robotic, but the children suspected that she isn’t all wiring and that there could be some hate in her system. No matter how hard they tried to convince her that she isn’t a happy housewife, a smile remained on her face and she continued to do what she was programmed to do. I can see why Sir.Hargreaves went out of his way to program a woman to care for his kids because he did a horrible job at it alone. Their mother gave them all of the love a nurturing that their father didn’t. I don’t think that any human woman would’ve put up with Sir. Hargreaves lack of affection and compassion. If Sir.Hargreaves couldn’t handle reality and humans with feelings why didn’t he design robot children that wouldn’t grow up to have daddy issues or even worse die?!

It was nice to see Diego and Eudora finally work together instead of constantly bickering like they aren’t in love. Don’t let Diego’s tough guy act fool you, underneath it all is a man who just wants to be loved, but if he doesn’t let go of the bitterness he will have to design a robot woman for himself. It seemed crazy how Diego didn’t catch on to the reasons behind the shootings and murders because it was literally happening right underneath his nose.  Hazel and Cha-Cha became more motivated to kill five because of the pay deductions that will keep occurring the longer the assignment took. To top it off five isn’t being honest with his family about why so many people want him dead. At least if he told them, they could have his back, but I believe he kept it to himself because everybody had problems of their own and he feels like he can do it all by himself. If he wants to save the world, they’re going to have to work together as a family including Vanya. I feel like somewhere down the line she will be very helpful to them, they just have to give her a chance. She already had to face the fact that she is unnoticeable even being a great violin player. However, she isn’t unnoticeable to her student who made her artwork, invited her on a date, and actually made her smile for once. I hope that this guy will help her see the potential that she keeps buried.

Also in this episode it was revealed that Allison couldn’t see her daughter because she used her powers on her. Being a mother got tough for Allison as it would any other courageous woman who is a parent. Regret sunk in her eyes as she explained why she did such a thing to her own flesh in blood. I felt bad for Allison because she grew up without a real perception of love. Their father treated them like experimental animals and so she carried that training into her former household. She was raised to use her powers and now she is afraid to use them again. I get that what she did was wrong, but that is heart wrenching to rip a child away from their mother and continue to separate them as if she didn’t carry her/him for nine months. Motherhood wasn’t programmed in her. She made a mistake like a human should, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have the right to see or speak to her own child. Luther was able to soothe her worries by assuring her that she isn’t a horrible mother and that she will get to see her child. It would be interesting to see if her daughter has powers, then the legacy of the Umbrella Academy can continue.

Luther eventually caught up to five and got involved in his steak out to find the owner of the eyeball. I thought it was hilarious how Luther could barley get in the car. I wondered how he gotten so big with no gyms on the moon. Luther accused Five of thinking that he is better than the rest, but five replied that he knows he is better than the rest. For Luther to be so masculine he is surprisingly gentle. He had the opportunity to knock Diego into another month, but he restrained. If I was Luther I would’ve said “If you’re so better than us, how did you manage to get stuck in time and let the fate of the world slip between your fingers” that would crushed him and destroyed the massive ego he has! Klaus was even able to get in on the action by sneaking in the car. As helpful as Klaus may not be sometimes, he sure knows how to lighten the mood and he still hasn’t taken his bracelet off from rehab. Hopefully we will see him actually sober some time in the season.

Eventually, Hazel and Cha-Cha took a trip to the Umbrella Academy wearing their creepy bootleg fortnite helmets and budgeted suits to assassinate five. The only problem was, that five wasn’t there and he didn’t warn the family about the clowns. While describing life on the moon and taking a luxury bubble bath their home was invaded unknowingly and Vanya showed up at the worst time possible. While fighting off the agents, Luther was injured horribly by a large glass chandelier. It was after he got up that he revealed underneath his clothing is a half ape body. It was shocking to see because it’s his upper body that is large and I wondered if his lower body is the same. After the commotion cleared the air Diego found his robot mother sitting pretty as if she didn’t hear a thing. As much as it pained him to do it, Diego turned off Grace for good. Now the children don’t have a mother or a father. Dysfunctional isn’t the word for this family. In the end it was revealed that Hazel and Cha-Cha kidnapped a naked Klaus covered in a bath towel. Now five will have no choice, but to tell the truth, that is if they even notice that Klaus is missing. The excitement continues to build within me after watching an episode, hopefully they will get revenge on the low budget clowns. Till next episode.