With the new year, everyone expects a certain level of new experiences to look forward to and this year will be no different. We have listed the top five upcoming animated television programs we are looking forward to seeing. Don’t worry if you don’t see something you like on this list as there are multiple projects getting released this year, sure to entertain you to some degree and make this year awesome.

Infinity Train (Title Card)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – Infinity Train

“Infinity Train”

By far the most anticipated, Infinity Train has been the subject of many animation fans for some time. On Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel, the pilot for the show has over four million views since being put up in 2016 and when it aired on television (at 6 A.M. no less) the view count was impressive. We follow Tulip, an intelligent young girl, as she tries to make here way through a train that seems to never end. The feature image depicts Tulip entering one of the train’s many cars which contain random themes. The pilot gives us a brief understanding of what Tulip has faced in the beginning before introducing the corgis. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this story and based off of what we are given, this will be a plot heavy show. So many questions begging to be answered and hopefully, 2019 will be the year those questions start to get answered.

“The Owl House”

Disney Channel is coming in strong with their new show “The Owl House”. Other than a synopsis and the occasional piece of art work depicting the characters, fans of animated television have little to go off of. The main reason it ranked so high on the list is because its genre includes horror and fantasy. It was this little, almost insignificant, information that just created interest as those two genre together usually make something spectacular to watch (some of you may know what shows we are talking about). The plot of the show appears to be interesting but we wont know if it is truly something special till its premiere in 2019.

“Close Enough”

(Warning for Adult Audiences Only)

Animated television programs are not just for children but this show is definitely only for adults and chances are they are going to enjoy it. While there is little information on their series other than the trailer it came close enough to be on this list. From the creator of Regular Show, audiences are given a a sneak peek into the lives of a young married couple. James Garland Quintel has done much excellent work in the past so the fact that he is making this show is enough to create a decent hype. We are still awaiting information but there is a belief that it will premiere some time in 2019 on TBS.

Amphibia (original_poster)

Photo Source: Disney – Amphibia


What made us add this work onto the list was just the art work and the concept. Along “The Owl House”, Amphibia is set to release on the Disney Channel at some point in 2019. Some may still be feeling a hole left by Gravity Falls but fear not as Matt Braly, the storyboard artist, is the creator of this show. Other than a brief description of the show and the intro shown at San Diego Comic-Con, the details are scarce but just what we were shown is enough to make audiences anticipate the first episode.

Victor and Valentino (Title Card)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – Victor and Valentino

“Victor and Valentino”

It was a tough call, but we felt “Victor and Valentino” deserved to be on this list. Cartoon Network released a small pilot on their YouTube Channel that showed the half brothers Victor and Valentino. The two young boys are spending their summer with their grandma and one fateful day find themselves in the underworld. There is a strong Mexican theme/ influence and the environment is breathtaking which really makes this show stand out in a good way. Whether this show will be good or not will really be determined after the first few episodes which are set to air at some point in 2019 so here is hoping we will get something really good.

2019 is looking to be a good year for animation lovers and the good news doesn’t end with this list. We are sure you have your own special notion of what is going to be a real show stopper so be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and share this post to see what others think. Thank you all for reading and we hope you have a wonderful new year full of pop culture fun.