Some rumors were swirling, and on January 4th Austin Amelio and his Instagram confirmed that his character Dwight will be crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead’s new season.

I for one am happy to see this play out, and also interested to see how it differs from the comic book. In the show in the 8th season Dwight was exiled from the area by Daryl, we did not see Dwight in the 9th season of the show, or in the flash forward. Speculation is that he was out to look for his wife, who he knows was still alive at some point from when he went back to his house and found a note.

Where did they used to live? I can only assume it’s somewhere back west if he is going to cross paths with the Fear the Walking Dead cast. I’m curious if Sherry is also alive and going to appear on the show, or if perhaps Dwight is just passing through as he heads further west looking for his wife Sherry?


Maybe we will see Sherry again soon too. Photo Credit: Gene Page/The Walking Dead

If you want to see the fun and clever way they announced it take a look at his Instagram post here:

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The below are mild comic book spoilers for those that don’t want to know or haven’t read to that point yet.

In the comics, Dwight ends up as a top guy of Rick, while Sherry becomes a top person of the Saviors. Being that currently the Saviors are not a thing, or led by Negan, and that Rick is gone, it makes a lot of sense to re-write the TV show story of Dwight as he had nothing to really draw from anymore. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table with Morgan and Alicia on Fear.