Tv Shows To Watch: The Oldenheim Twelve

Looking for a new TV show to binge? Try The Oldenheim Twelve in 2019 when you have the chance!

Usually, I find the tv shows produced in The Netherlands not living up to the standards I have from watching American or British shows. However, sometimes I find a pearl in one of the oysters and I am happy to tell you that soon this tv show is also available globally!


The show is called The Oldenheim Twelve and tells the story of Oldenheim, a quiet little village in the Dutch countryside. 16-year-old Nine disappears one summer evening. Her bicycle is found, there are no traces of violence and nobody knows where she is. Has she been abducted? Did she run away? Is she dead or alive? A major search follows, but no trace of Nine is found. Shortly afterwards, a second inhabitant of Oldenheim disappears. And it doesn’t stop there…

In the weeks that follow, several other people from the village community go up in smoke, always in inexplicable ways, with no witnesses and from one moment to the next. Is there a serial killer at large? But in that case: where are the bodies? Some people start to think that something supernatural is going on, that the events have a religious significance or that the end of the world is nigh. The village starts to feel the full force of paranoia. In the meantime, the disappearances continue relentlessly. People no longer trust others.

Towards the end of the series, people even start to run away. The police, with the support of the army, keeps a close eye on the village. It looks like a war zone. However, two people refuse to give up and face their fears in their search for the truth.


Sounds good? Somewhere in 2019, The Oldenheim Twelve can be viewed on Acorn TV in America, Wowow in Japan and in Russia on Showjet and IVI.RU.

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