This is a movie I have been anticipating for years!  I would regularly do Google searches in the hopes another of these would be coming out.  I had watched some of the TV show Elementary, but was never a fan of the chemistry between Sherlock and Joan.  I watched all of the BBC series Sherlock and thought that version of Moriarty outdid every other.  I have also seen the previews for the upcoming film, Sherlock and Watson.  It’s going to be a comedy apparently, but with my not being a fan of the two main actors, I’m not feeling optimistic.

In my opinion, no version, be it book, show, or movie, will ever be closer to my heart than the versions with Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law.  I know there are a lot of people who disagree with me.  There are those who loved the books who have observed that Robert Downy Jr’s version of Sherlock Holmes is too frantic, even a little psychotic at times.  I can see that . . . but I don’t love that version any less.

We’re still very much in the early stages when it comes to details on this movie, but I’ll share with you what we know so far!

(1) Release Date

Looks like we won’t be seeing this duo anytime soon!  The movie isn’t set to come out until December, 2020!  This will create some competition, as the long awaited Avatar 2 is supposed to open then too!

(2) The Cast

So far, the only names confirmed are the two leads.  It has been rumored we’ll see Rachel McAdams return as Irene Adler.  Fans have also been hunting down rumors that Moriarty could return.  (After all, Sherlock survived when he shouldn’t have and the two were supposed to be intellectual equals) The director of the past two films, Guy Richie, is also still up in the air.

(3) Handling the Great Fall

The last movie, Game of Shadows, left the audience with as much of a cliffhanger as it left John Watson.  Sherlock Holmes had plummeted over the edge of a balcony with Moriarty.  The last shot of the film showed the audience that Sherlock was back and was even in the study with Watson, playing a trick of disguises on his friend.  The question the third movie will need to answer is: how did Sherlock survive the fall?  In the brief moments we see him, he didn’t move like somebody crippled.  Are we to believe he fell, survived, recovered somewhere, then returned to 221 B. Baker St, all without an injury to show for it?  All because he supposedly had a breathing device with him?  (And why would he have thought to carry it in the first place?)

(4) Time Jump?

According to interviews with Jude Law, the third movie will take place quite a while after the Game of Shadows.  This might mean it takes place just after Sherlock returns to Watson’s study.  Either way, Jude Law told Entertainment Weekly that the two friends haven’t seen each other for a long time.  That’s going to create tension . . . and so will the question of where Sherlock has been?

(5) Longest Running Version of Sherlock Holmes?

It is quite possible that, with this movie opening in December of 2020, it will become the longest running version.  Benedict Cumberbatch (who play Sherlock on the BBC series) is kept quite busy these days, especially with Marvel.  As a result, the next season of BBC’s Sherlock isn’t even being discussed.  The TV series Elementary is diving into a seventh season soon, but people are questioning whether that might be the end for it.  If so, Robert Downy Jr’s adaption could well end up being the longest running!

(6) Theories on Sherlock’s Survival?

The BBC series Sherlock had Sherlock jump off the edge of a building to his supposed death.  When that happened, there were theories flying everywhere!  Even people who didn’t watch the show were watching the clip of Sherlock’s Jump and making a guess on how he survived!  Do you have any theories on how Robert Downy Jr’s version of Sherlock Holmes survived his plunge over the balcony ledge? Was he wounded and spent all these months away from London recovering?  Did he walk away unscathed, in which case, why didn’t Moriarty?

Sound off below with your theories!