Let’s go ahead and dive right into the episode. I will warn you- This episode seems like the beginning of tying a bunch of previous storylines together, so I used the phrase If you forgot a lot… I apologize ahead of time.

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Henry has a baseball game and invites Conrad to watch. Henry seems excited, and Conrad even has a hat. Suddenly, he starts having a seizure. If you forgot about Henry, about 5 episodes ago, Conrad was treating Henry for an elbow injury, with his brother Jasper. Jasper, it turns out, had a recurrence of cancer, and soon passed away under Conrad’s care because the cancer had spread too much. As he is playing, he suddenly has a Grand Mal seizure. Henry has had a history of seizures, but never this large or this long. Devon and Irving head over, both having helped Conrad and the family make Jasper’s last days memorable. The doctor decides to add him on a third medication, and he gets flagged in the system, and Julian gets a phone call.

Julian was previously called into Gordon Page’s office, and he tells her he plans to take the company public. In case you forgot about him, he was the owner of QuoVadis, and did a lot of shady dealings, bribing CEOs and Doctors who he viewed as leaders in the field to use his product. She seems a bit…. subdued at the news. I think the issue with the hip is still haunting her, and the messages the doctors have been trying to tell her, how medical equipment is so easily passed through regulations, it starting to unnerve her. OHHHH THAT BOMBSHELL. The company that made the defective device, stating it was made in the United States when it was really made in China, Gordon worked it!!! He claims he was just an intern, and he started QuoVadis to make parts he can trust. I feel like he would make a great cars salesman.

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The phone call to Julian was about a new medical device called VNS. She runs into Devon, who is still awkward after the kiss they shared. The second she sees it is a child, she walks away. Gordon, of course, approaches Dr. Bell about trying to get the patient to try the device. Julian is reluctant, pointing out it had not been tested on children. Gordon brings out the research, and Julian dives in. She ends up going down to the ER, where Conrad notices her and signals her to wait. Of course, Dr. Eckart, the doctor actually treating Henry, and Julian talk to Zoey, and show their findings. Conrad is reluctant. Even Dr. Bell is called in. Eckart is honest, saying the results are unclear, but Julian says doctors are not trained to consistently evaluate the dense research. Conrad counters with “The Man can read”. Sadly, it is Dr. Bell and Julian against Conrad, with Eckart on the fence. Zoey decides to move forward, and Julian is still concerned the device might have issues. The surgery went well, though, and the seizures had stopped.

Micah has developed sleep apnea since we last saw him. Mina is of course worried, but I love her passion for the man she loves. She schedules an appointment with Dr. Austin to check out his heart. He calls her out to the hall, telling her to focus on her work.

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Nic and Mina have a patient named Wallace, who needs a new heart, so he is a long-term patient. I actually have a really amazing friend who is on that waiting list in real life, but her chances are low, because her ‘treatment’ is very responsive, and can buy her a few more years. It sucks, because she is 23, and has never run a day in her life. Sorry, back on topic- Wallace’s wife passed away at Chastain, and from the comments the doctors and patient share, she was well loved. He has a very rare disorder called takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as broken heart syndrome. Stress and depression can actually damage the heartstrings, and that is why he is on the list. Luckily, they find a match. I still love the chemistry between Mina and AJ though… Wallace is worried about getting the heart transplant and is considering passing on it, still grieving for Anna, his wife. On the ride, AJ and Mina talk, and he asked if Micah could ever break her heart, and Mina says no man can break it. She then tells the story, how in 2014, she had fallen asleep and left the stove on, and the house caught on fire. Her 11 and 12-year-old sisters perished in the fire. She says emotions can enrich our lives, but can also destroy us. Which is why she is so distant. As they arrive, the heart for Wallace, which was artificially beating, starts having… a heart attack. The begin surgery on the heart to make a by-pass. They still go through and install it into Wallace, who pulls through just fine. Nic approaches AJ and asks if Mina knows he is in love with her. He explains he is a mentor and her his pupil, and he would never cross that line. But, mentions someday, she will be his equal.

Dr. Randolph Bell is dealing with Dr. Lane Hunter’s deposition. In case you somehow forgot the entire plot of last season, a quick reminder- She was claiming patients had cancer to bill their insurance and pocketed the money. Of course, Dr. Bell had feelings for her but ended up selling her out to the police. Based on the fact her lawyer brings up their relationship, it should be interesting. This causes Bell to visit Lane. She, of course, blames Randolph, and in her defense, he was the one to call the FBI, but she was wrong in malpractice. She admits to having a video of them together, and she planned on twisting the story and blaming Bell. She wants a nice attorney and half a million dollars, or her story will go public. In my opinion, the death of Lily, and showing how Dr. Bell had nothing to do with it would make her story develop plot holes. At the end of the episode, Lane calls and

Conrad and Nic have opposing schedules. She seems to be feeling a distance, and as she is watching Conrad and Henry, I think she can see him as a cool father figure. Still, as Nic and Conrad meet at the end of the shift, and Nic updates him as she goes home and he gets ready to work, he tells her Zoey can handle it.

Priya wants to move to California. The last episode, she was ok with a long distance relationship, but now she wants Devon to move with her. She mentions Silicone Valley being right down the road so he can show his medical device. Devon says he will consider it. Seeing as he has had a really awful day, it might really consider it. One patient’s wife is rude, yelling at him, and the patient throws up on him, causing Devon to wear scrubs too big. A doctor tells him not to call him again for a consort, go to his Resident instead, and Irving walks in on a patient flat-lining while he is doing chest compression on a young man. Then, a patient with a crack pipe is wheeled in and spits in Devon’s face. He is told to go to the eye station- concerned for diseases carried in saliva. Druggies often share dirty needles and create cross-contamination. Irving sends him on break. He ends up running across Julian and they sit and talk about their day. Both are having a bad day and trying to fix a broken system, in their own way. Devon and Priya talk and Devon admits he wants to stay, but he will make it work… if that is what she really wants… as she pulls back, we all can hear the NNNNOOOOOOOO resounding in our souls. Least Julian is clearly interested in him.

Speaking of Julian, she goes to the warehouse where they build the device and sees they are made from China, totally against everything Gordon told her in the office. I would pretend to be shocked, but I don’t think I was the only one expecting that… right? That is how the episode ends…welp. Until next time, stay shiny!!!