Those who turned up to Hall H on Friday this past Comic-Con were treated to an excellent panel featuring The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Present at the panel was producer Lisa Henson, director Louis Leterrier, Taron Egerton and Mark Hamill.

This marks the 3rd time that Jim Henson CEO Lisa Henson has appeared at Comic-Con with Dark Crystal related news…but this time, she’s got an actual, real production to present.

Age of Resistance has been in production for around five years, so it’s great to see that it’s all finally coming together. Maybe that canceled sequel will be able to come back to life if this series does well enough?

It is a prequel series that has the world of Thra in peril after the Skeksis corrupt the magical Crystal of Truth. A trio of Geflings manages to discover the secret behind the Skesis’ power and set out to ignite the flames of rebellion and save Thra from the Skeksis and a dark plague that’s spreading across the land.

You can check out an earlier teaser trailer for Age of Resistance here:

There seems to be a bit of a star-studded cast, as we have Egerton and Hamill in addition to Anya Taylor-Joy, Simon Pegg, Helena Bonham-Carter, and many, many more. Hamill and Egerton were ecstatic that they’re a part of the production.

The series will be releasing August 30th on Netflix in a 10-episode run. Attendees were treated to a special premiere of the first episode…and it sounds like it didn’t disappoint.

Henson, Leterrier, Egerton, and Hamill were also very vocal in assuring fans that Netflix and the production team is going to stick to the promise of prioritizing puppets over CGI. In fact, Leterrier even said that Netflix was always in full support of the puppetry.

The crew also gave a big shout out to the puppeteers themselves, saying that practically make the movie. They’ll be getting even more spotlight as a later panel revealed that Netflix is also producing a documentary that will go deep behind the scenes at the making of Age of Resistance.

This Comic-Con sneak peek gives some insight into the magic of these puppets:

And according to Hamill the late Gary Kurtz, who produced the original, read the prequel script and gave his own official seal of approval before he passed away.

Speaking of Hamill, he also received a special surprise 2019 ComiCon Icon Award, leading to a standing ovation from everyone in the room.

“If it wasn’t for you,” said Hamill. “I wouldn’t be here.”

Reactions to the premiere episode seem to be great.

 And Netflix also made a pretty epic poster for Age of Resistance as well:

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Poster

Breathtaking artwork for a breathtaking saga. Source:

It’s exciting to see the definitive puppet movie get some momentum going again after all these years. Let’s see how big the flames of rebellion grow when the series goes live on Netflix this August.