Released on May 2017, this epic fantasy film was supposed to be one of the most successful movies this summer – with big budget special effects and a big name director. However, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has become Hollywood’s biggest bomb after only $15.4 million was made on the first weekend of release domestically and it is projected to have a total loss of $150 million.


Warner Bros initially planned to make this film to be part of a multi-film shared universe like the DC Extended universe. However, the production of the film was halted and with multiple recasting and a change in directing, it took a total of six years to make the movie and it cost a hell of a lot money to do so – $175 million excluding the marketing and publicity spending.

And then with only a couple of female characters in the plot, releasing this movie just two days before Mother’s day was a bad idea. Meanwhile, most of the younger audience – who tend to prefer modern stories – were attracted by ‘Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2’ and King Arthur Legend of the Sword had very little audience. This lack of audience was seen everywhere as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword did not even make $10 million in China – usually a very lucrative market.

King Arthur also failed to attract audiences by using big names. James McAvoy, Idris Elba and Colin Farrell all rejected a part in the film and Jude Law – who plays Vortigen, the movie’s big baddie – is the only A star actor in the film. Meanwhile, Charlie Hunnman (who plays Arthur) may be a celebrated actor but he hasn’t yet a big enough name to carry a franchise to success.



Charlie Hunnam (left) with Jude Law (right)


Even the plot may have contributed to the lack of success. Sword fights, mystical creatures, battle for the throne, etc., all are things that King Arthur: Legend of the sword used to lure their audiences in. However, people tend to satisfy their needs for such action with TV – take Game of Thrones for example. The Arthurian Myth has been played with a lot in the past, however more of the recent films like ‘King Arthur’ (2004) starring Clive Owen have had bad reviews and people seem to not like remakes of the King Arthur Legend. Then again, the BBC TV series ‘Merlin’ was a global success…

All in all the movie did fail and had strong reason to do so. It wasn’t advertised very well, there were multiple delays and fans may have lost interest. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was released at the wrong date and frankly there was no interest from people and yet Warner Bros haven’t given up on the franchise.


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