Midnight Texas

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   Last week Fiji was trying to figure out how to save Bobo. In the end she turned him into a dog to keep him safe from the curse. Fiji knows for sure the curse is a family curse but has no idea where to look for a cure. Joe suggests a witches network that helps each other out. Going with that thought she looks for help, what she finds out is a total curveball.

     Well, Manny and Patience are definitely getting it on. In his bed, in the hotel. They need to be careful. Speaking of Manny, He was there when a body is found at the hotel. When he summons her spirit she doesn’t want Kai to know she is there. She makes Manny follow her and shows him what happened.

     We open to a very pregnant Olivia. Weird, right? We soon find out that she is dreaming. It seems as though the psychic connection between Lem and Olivia is very strong. She is still having problems with the whole family thing. She finds out that Madonna betrayed her trust and goes after her father. What she finds shocks her to the core.

     Manny seems to be getting closer to the truth about Kai. What will he find? Will Olivia be able to move on finally? Will her Dad survive? Will what Fiji finds out help her save Bobo? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Till next week…

Midnight, Texas - Season 2

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