Due to Toonami not airing a new dubbed episode of Dragon Ball Super for the weekend of November 17, 2018 due to the United States, Thanksgiving holiday week, I decided to actually give you all a little anime filler post of my own where I sit down and recap all the other big Dragon Ball Super news happening! If you want to read my last review, check it out here!

First up, we’re a few months away from the U.S release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. A few new interesting tidbits have so far come to light about the upcoming movie, such as Vegeta finally showing off his red Super Saiyan God form in a brand new subtitled trailer from IGN. There’s even Whis fighting Broly in it too!

Also on top of this, in Japan according to comicbook.com, Fuji TV will be airing a one-hour special celebrating the premier of the new movie on Sunday, December 2 at 9 am. At most this won’t be a new episode of Dragon Ball Super but instead a bit of a behind the scenes type special showing off at least new clips of the upcoming movie with perhaps cast and crew interviews. For those who don’t know, Dragon Ball Super: Broly happens chronically after the Tournament Of Power/Universal Survival arc ends. Japan will be getting the movie first in December while we in the US will get the movie a month later on January 16, 2018.

And before I move on, this version of Broly from the movie will be making his appearance as an upcoming DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sometime in December, so be sure to keep your eye out for that!

Now comes the big news about the future of the entire series though. Dragon Ball Super, in manga form, will be continuing and covering the events that happen after Dragon Ball Super: Broly ends! The manga will be entering the new saga called, Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc. Here the story will focus on Goku and Vegeta teaming with the Galactic Patrol — Jaco’s space police group — who extract the Supreme Kai Dai Kaioshin from Majin Buu’s body. The reason being is that the Patrol need’s Dai Kaioshin to help them track down a very powerful villain.

Dragon Ball Super

Photo Source: comicbook.com

Rumors are that the mysterious villain, who has a goat shape appearance as you can see above, is actually demonic or supernatural in power and that this is the reason they need a powerful kai like Dai to face it. Also included in this new arc will be quick recaps of the Broly storyline from the movie and also more background info for Universe 11’s Jiren too.

This may also hint as to the direction the entire series will be going in once we get the new anime episodes of Super in the future. It’s only so many times the Z Fighters can fight powerful aliens, but now it looks like they’re going to fight power demons! If you can read Japanese, totally give the official Galactic patrol Prisoner arc site a look! Keep in mind though, that the manga changes a lot and what we’ll eventually see in the anime may be radically different. They’re basically two separate universes in a way!

Lastly, incase you missed it. the new Super Saiyan Blue Goku balloon debuted at the 92 Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! We’ve come a long way my fellow Dragon Ball fans!