I admit, there were times during “Vampire Diaries” where the plot felt predictable to me.  It is one of the reasons why many fans have said they prefer the “Originals.”  The Mikaelson family has never felt predictable to me.  From the very start, Klaus embodied the wild, reckless, “what will he do next” guy.  That theme has been maintained season to season.

Season five hasn’t been any different.  Every time you think you know someone, every time you think you know what to expect, every time you know what someone is capable of, you’re proven wrong.

Dead wrong.

Hope: I hate you.  

Elijah: I hate me too.  

We knew these two were going to have a hard time.  At the start, they just avoid each other.  Elijah walks up to the dinner table, Hope bends a spoon with her mind and goes to bed early.  Elijah has a drink in a bar and Hope decades to visit said bar.  What happens?  She begins to throw him around the bar with her mind, slashing his suit (and his flesh) apart . . . all without actually touching him.

Want to know something I didn’t realize until I was watching last week’s episode and Klaus told amnesic Elijah how Hope got her name?  I had forgotten how close Elijah and Hope were when she was a child.  He carried her a lot in those times, when she was an infant and toddler.  He protected her as often as Klaus did.  He loved that little girl.  When he gave up his family via giving up his memory, he gave her up too.  Getting back his memory might eventually get his family back, but can Hope forgive him?

The easiest guess would be yes.  After all, it isn’t likely Hope will be taking this grudge against Elijah into her autumn spin-off.

Hope: I’m fine dad!

So says every teenager at some point, right?  And just as every parent knows, so too did every fan know that Hope was lying through her teeth.  Klaus knew it.  I’m pretty sure Freya knew it, but lied to herself about it . . . but what was there to be done?  The only alternative would be to undo what Hope had done.  Put the darkness back into all the Mikaelson siblings and send them to the corner’s of the planet again.

Hope is the only one who could do that and she would never agree.  If it was forced upon her, she’d never forgive her family, especially her father.  It also wouldn’t solve anything.  Eventually, Hope would just do it all over again.

Thus, it came as no surprise when the whispering in Hope’s ears grew worse and worse.  It made the bracelet Vincent gave her scorch her skin.  It made her eyes glow and her temper short.  This finally came to a head when she knocked her father out and then fought with Elijah in the bar.  She got so out of control, she nearly harmed Klaus on purpose.

(Isn’t it funny that, in this universe, snapping your father’s neck is less cruel than torturing him with your mind?)

And who besides me is both eager and nervous to see what becomes of the line “Hope, if violence is what you need to feel better, then you have the perfect father.”

Poor Innocent . . . What’s His Name?  

We’ll pretend I don’t have to look his name up every time I mention him . . . but really, does this guy seem non-vital to the plot to anyone else?  I thought Declan was important to the future of Hayley’s plot, especially once I saw Elijah fall in love with Antoinette.  However, now that Hayley’s looks pretty permanently dead, I have no idea what the point of his character is anymore.

It is easy to pity him though.  He’s a great example of the common person caught up in supernatural circumstances.  He has no idea what happened to Hayley and no idea the reality of how Cami died.  In this episode, he finally, finally, got an explanation, but in a show of kindness driven by self-hate, Elijah compelled that explanation away.

Freya: Would you marry me?  

I cannot decide whether to be super excited for this or heartbroken in advance.  I didn’t see it coming, that’s for sure.

New Orleans is in the middle of preparing the city for Mardi Gras when a bomb is set off.  It injures Keelin and kills others, including Lisinia.  This scares Freya into popping the question.

Fans were likely surprised at this.  After all, Keelin has said she can’t stay here anymore.  Freya has said she can’t choose Keelin over her family.

This is why Keelin saying yes was even more of a surprise.  What does this mean for them?  Will Freya leave New Orleans?  Will Klaus accept that after Freya’s involvement in his daughter’s recent life choices?

After all, Klaus is not known for sending his siblings off into their happiness with his blessing.

He Can’t Lose Her Too 

Vincent has already lost one love and he’s terrified of losing another.  You see that when the bomb goes off and he bursts in afterward, terrified that Ivy might have died in the blast.  You see that on his face and in his frantic voice.

And you see that in his desperation, later, when he finds out the consequences of choosing a side in the battle.  He sides with the werewolves and finds out the witches are going to pay for that decision.  He runs as fast as human legs can run, but isn’t in time.  The witches have all been poisoned.  With foam bubbling at her lips, Ivy falls into his arms.

Questions for Next Time?  

Did we hear Rebecca is finally returning to New Orleans?  It sure would be nice!  I’ve been sad she’s been off-screen for so much of this season.  Then again, what would her return mean for her and Marcel?

It’s interesting how the Mikaelson women have all wanted children.  It is the reason Rebecca won’t marry Marcel, because she’s enraged over never being able to have a family.  Now Freya, too, has said she sees in Hope the daughter she will never have.  Kol doesn’t seem to care about kids, (yet) and Klaus has Hope.  It makes you wonder if Elijah had dreamed of kids with Hayley, (sharing half children with Klaus?  Awkward! ) Did he dream, impossibly, of having children with Antoinette?

Has Vincent lost another love?  If so, will he blame Marcel, since Marcel baited the radicals?  Vincent is a witch, so perhaps he could find a work-around?  “A supernatural loop-hole” tends to be common in these shows, after all!