*Spoiler Warning for Legends of Tomorrow, season 4, episode 4.

Sara on Legends of Tomorrow

Sara as a camp counselor on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

Welcome back to summer camp! The Legends, plus Ava, go to a summer camp when they realize a monster has been abducting campers from there. Except for Mick and Zari, who stay on the ship to watch their new prisoner from the last episode, they all go undercover as camp counselors to find out what’s happening to the kids.

For Ava, summer camp is a strange new place, since, as a robot, she never had a childhood. Sara does her best to teach Ava how to have fun with the kids, but Ava’s more interested in running the place like a boot camp. This becomes a problem when they have to find out from the campers where the missing ones went when they snuck out the night before. None of the kids are interested in opening up as long as Ava’s around. Constantine winds up giving Sara and Ava a potion to turn them into kids for a short amount of time to get the girls to open up to them. As children, Sara and Ava endear themselves to the other girls and find out that the boys and the girls sneak out into the woods to kiss each other.

Over on the ship, Zari and Mick have to babysit their shapeshifter prisoner, Charlie, who is stuck with the face of former team member Amaya. While Zari is irked by Charlie’s antics, Mick finds a kinship with her, and they bond about their days in prison. Mick eventually strikes a deal with Charlie and offers to let her out of her cell if she helps them identify the monster their after. She tells them that their after a monster who feeds on the life-force of children and is young, male, and beautiful.

While out in the woods searching for the monster, Sara and Ava encounter one of the other counselors and realizes by Charlie’s description that he’s the monster. As they fight him, Constantine and Ray, who found the missing children, do a spell to return the energy the monster stole back to the children. When the spell succeeds, the monster is revealed in full form to Ava and Sara, who, still in their child-bodies, have to finish it and take him down. They take him down, and the children wake up. One of the kids, however, is too weak and starts to crash. To save his life, Constantine gives him some of his life force. This leaves Constantine very weak, and in danger of dying.

To save Constantine, the Legends decide to find the one other person they know who knows how to do magic – Nora Darhk. It’s revealed at the end of the episode that Nora has been living a normal life (normal being relative) and working at a Renaissance fair, but she’s about to get sucked back in.

This episode wasn’t the most exciting, by the dynamics between the characters really worked, and the way they brought down the monster, in the end, was creative. As Charlie joins the team at the end of the episode, it’ll be interesting to see how that works out – and I guess it’s the show’s way of bringing back that actress, even if they can’t bring back Amaya the character. One thing I would really like to see soon is a big bad for the season. The monsters each episode are, yes, the villains, but there’s usually one big villain who they have to fight against (last season it was Mallus and Damien and Nora Darhk, the season before was the Legion of Doom, and the first season was Vandal Savage). I’m getting a little antsy waiting to see what the big obstacle of the season is going to be. Hopefully, they reveal it soon.