I have to be honest with you guys.  When I heard Hope was getting her own spin-off, I was already worried.  The plot, the cast, they both sounded very young to me.  I wanted to give it a try anyway and not just because I could have been wrong.

I had just come out of seeing the Originals finale, which pretty much gutted me.  I’m still not over it.  Out of loyalty to the Mikaelson family and that whole universe, I really, really wanted to like Legacies.

And it has potential.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think the actress behind Hope is doing an amazing job of walking that line between the goodness she got from her mother and the tendency towards evil she inherited from her father.  I’d be interested to see where her character ends up in season 2 or 3, assuming the show gets that far.

The problem, as I mentioned in my last post, is with how imbalanced the show is as a whole.  I really saw that when we got flashes of the fight with the dragon inserted between scenes of the sports game back at school.  I can’t get engaged with those kinds of plots or characters.

This show is set in such a wonderful universe.  It and the characters in Legacy come from such a wonderful history of plots and characters, heartbreak and mayhem.  I just don’t think Legacies knows how to fit into all that yet and (sadly) I don’t feel comfortable writing blog posts about it until it does.

There are bound to be fans out there who disagree with me, who love Legacies for what it is right now.  To you guys, I say go for it!  Love the heck out of it.  Maybe in season 2 or 3, I’ll drop back in and see how its matured.  I do see potential, I do, but that’s not enough for me to watch it or write about it.

So, until then, enjoy the Salvatore School and I’ll be off writing Will and Grace episode reviews.  (A genre switch so crazy, I might as well have whiplash!)