Hey gals and guys. So we didn’t have a new episode for a week or so. But this week we come in with a new episode that picks up where we left off in episode 13. A few things happened that ties into this episode, we know that Josh was attacked after going on a date with a guy he met on an app. Things seemed to be going well and then he was attacked. Seemingly for no reason at all and we all thought it was more than likely a hate crime. I really enjoyed this week’s episode for one, it kind of reminds you of an action movie who maps out the characters as the “job” is happening. Anyways, last time we left off after Maddie and Chim has an amazing date, and confirmation of their love for each other with some special requirements to their love. Basically, she isn’t quite ready to say to Chim although she does, in fact, love him. End quick recap.

Then we pick up this week, with some men entering the dispatch building on the pretense of sitting along with the operators for knowledge or experience maybe. They didn’t really elaborate on the why. When all of a sudden Josh recognizes one of the guys, as the one who attacked him on his date and he is visibly shaken. So much so that he drops his coffee. And so all the operators in the building are taken as hostages. Although we still don’t know why. Maddie is on the phone with Chim at this point who then tells him that she loves him and calls him by his first name. Even though the men are holding them, hostage, they are required to work but not all of them. And the criminals claim that they will only be an hour and then they are gone.

In the meantime, Chim is going crazy wondering why she said that after all, they talked about the night before. He is trying to convince himself that he is crazy but he can’t seem to keep from thinking the worse. He calls 911 because Maddie is not picking up her phone and dispatch is putting out a busy signal. So, he calls Buck next, to try and get some advice from him and Buck tries his best to reassure him. But they both get nowhere and there are more questions than answers at this point.

As the dispatchers begin to take calls, they also route officers to where they want too. And when one of the dispatchers gets a call, Athena is routed somewhere else. It appears that they (the men who are holding up dispatch) don’t want anyone in the area. Other things begin to happen like alarm signals going out and people continuing to call to get help. We also come across Tiffany (we met her earlier, but I didn’t mention it), she is making “deliveries” and that delivery is causing a little trouble which in turn sent an alarm signal to the office. Then the truth of the matter is shown. They are in a museum and they are trying to rob it. So all of this is part of the plan to heist paintings from a museum. However, there are a lot of hiccups along the way. All bases haven’t been covered.

Also, now Athena is involved. She came across an accident that had no officers on the scene and it was close to the museum. That was their first mistake. She is then routed to another location from dispatch but they don’t know that it was Josh who sent her to Chim. Chim then relays the information to Athena but she is skeptical. Athena also is a little suspicious because 5 officers were routed to a crime for only two guys. Buck also overhears this because he is on the phone with Chim and he feels like something is wrong as well. They all then set off in the direction of the dispatch office that Maddie and Josh both work at. Buck meets up with Athena on the way cause that is his sister and he is worried.

So they arrive at the office and Athena tries to go in, but she doesn’t exactly succeed. Or in other words, she never makes it upstairs. She is called to another location on a distress call. Because of that, she realizes something is very wrong because of the code that was called and she knows for a fact that something is not right due to a code 77, which is a code for an ambush. But now they need to figure out a way to get them help but how can they do it. But as the time starts to run out everyone begins to get panicky. And mistakes are made and the gunmen start fighting among themselves. Things begin to fall apart as their control slips. Maddie tries to come up with a plan as the officers try to figure out how to save everyone.

Now, the plan is starting to fall apart and the criminals are turning on each other. As chaos ensues, the dispatchers play a nice little trick that Linda is allergic to latex and has gone into anaphylactic shock. She is really allergic to bees and carries an epi-pen which is what Maddie used to subdue Greg (Josh’s attacker) by sticking him with it. Then the rest of the employees work together to get weapons and subdue the other guys as well. But then Greg seems to be dying from the epi-pen shot and Josh starts CPR. But not because he’s a good guy and wants to save his life. But because he refuses to let him die so that he can face his crimes. Josh is frantically performing CPR as the swat team rushes in and secures the building. And Greg survives. And other dispatchers begin to take calls.

Alls well that ends well and then the story is told. So basically Tiffany was trying to take her dad’s whole team down because they left him for dead and he did in fact die. So she planned to frame them for the museum heist and then she and her lover Jake (the guy who was security for the dispatch building) were going to run away and live happily ever after with the proceeds from the stolen paintings. But they were caught thanks to the GPS in Jake’s phone.