What is done is done, or is it though?

Lucious finagles his way into a poker game in order to get a face to face with some people he could swindle for cash to put into the Management company. He staged quite a show, with a shootout and fake cops as he ducked out of the place with Damon Cross beside him.

But damn when Cross swiped the art piece Cookie received for her wedding…that was cold.

The next question is: Is Cross a friend or a foe?

I’d personally love to see an adversary of Lucious stay looped in, kind of like how Shine was to Lucious in the previous season. So long as Cross doesn’t end up shot, everything should go well.

Porsha kicks ass at the social media game! She helps Cookie gain a presence online enough to garner thousands of people lining up to impress the Lyon matriarch with their talents. Unfortunately, much is left to be desired, and Cookie is often distracted by her worries surrounding Hakeem’s downfalls and the fate of Lyon Family management having low funds.

I found interest in the way that Andre and Hakeem finally talked things out, as Andre justified killing Anika since she’d killed his pregnant wife. I hate how spiteful Hakeem seems to be about people though….it’s annoying. Like boy, get a life of your own.

Hakeem did release an awesome diss track directed at Blake this week. I greatly enjoyed him getting back into things, as much as I loved seeing Cookie pull him out of studio time to freshen up and nourish himself.

Jamal, Kai, and Becky all get high. Never did I realize how badly I wanted to witness these three mesh overcome with pot in their systems. I loved seeing the three chilling in onesies, stealing edibles and hanging out. It seems Jamal can have both his lover/fiance and his best friend in his life.

Let’s just hope next time the man has big news, Becky is the first to know. Because how would you neglect to tell your best friend that you put a ring on it?

The Three Black Diva’s are back! They sang a sultry tune for Kingsley but the dude is so engrossed in the making money side of things, that he kicked the three to the curb. How conniving of Giselle to sneak behind the tech guy’s back to bring the women into the arms of Lucious and Cookie.


giphy – TGON – Empire – Fox

They need to make money fast though, or more problems are sure to arise.

Maya comes back into the fold this week, as we’re introduced to her trust-fund holding white boyfriend that Cookie warns her about. The dude had the gall to make her run drugs for him, leading to her own arrest. But I suppose infatuation in a younger relationship, despite any sort of consequences, is difficult to break Maya away from.

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