Daredevil 307 2

Loving the comic accurate outfit. Photo is a direct screenshot from the show via Netflix.

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “Aftermath” and any episodes that occur prior**

“I’m Daredevil. The real one.”

The Bulletin Massacre has certainly worked in Fisk’s favor. Not only has it turned Daredevil into a wanted fugitive, but it also has thrown Karen off-balance. Though what Fisk didn’t see is how it may have backfired on him—potentially being responsible for both Foggy and the FBI narrowing in on his true plans.

The Bulletin attack affected Karen the most—understandably so. Deborah Anne Woll’s performance really helped to sell just how shaken Karen is. The scene with all of the cell phones going off was fantastic, and really hit hard. Karen now has the extra weight of the guilt for the attack on her shoulders, on top of Bullseye dropping her name, and Wesley coming back to haunt her. Karen was so shaken that she even called home. Clearly there is some strain there, and I’m extremely interested in the backstory to all of that. I have a feeling that Karen’s story is going to continue diving into darkness—and personally, I can’t wait to see more.

Daredevil 307 1

Wilson Fisk sitting high and mighty in his prison. Photo is a direct screenshot from the show via Netflix.

Karen wasn’t the only one affected by the traumatic events. Even though he hid it pretty well to start out with, Foggy was certainly shaken by his near-death experience. He unraveled a little differently than Karen, however. On top of having the best sex of his life (presumably), he was led into an epiphany. Foggy seems to know what Kingpin is up to, but we’ll have to wait to see his thoughts. I enjoyed how Foggy’s spiral from the Bulletin events ended up with a more positive spin.

When it came to Matt, he almost hit rock bottom as he nearly admitted to Sister Maggie that he had no way to win. That was until he thought about Melvin, the man who made the new suit. It was great catching up with Melvin and felt very natural that he would be the one that Fisk strong-armed into making the duplicate suit. Their scuffle in his new workshop was another really engaging, well-done fight sequence (and the bonus use of the razor blades was a nice touch). It was cold of Matt to leave Melvin behind, but I have a feeling that it’s going to have lasting effects. The most intriguing part of the episode with respect to Matt, was that he finally decided to make his big move—he met Nadeem for the first time.

DAreevil 307 3

We finally get to see these two brawl. Photo is a direct screenshot from the show via Netflix.

It was about time that Nadeem met Daredevil. We got some Nadeem spotlight as the the writer’s showed not only the FBI, but also Ray, finally realizing the possibility that they were—and still are being—manipulated by Fisk. Had Ray gone much longer without realizing this, I would have seriously started to question his detective skills. I do, however, sympathize with the conundrum that if Fisk is playing them, then every crook they put away thanks to him will be free once again. Ray’s journey so far made it all the more satisfying when he gave Daredevil just the slightest benefit of the doubt. Here’s to hoping that this is a start of something good.

While Fisk sat comfortably and protected in his secret bunker, everyone started to catch on to his schemes from all different angles. I know Fisk is ready for nearly anything, but I do wonder how he is going to be able to maintain his situation when the Feds crack down on him. With Bullseye laying low after his attack, hopefully he’s back in the spotlight sooner rather than later.

Bonus Notes:

– A lot of this talk about burying what the red suit means sure does sound like we are going to get a variation on his black/red suit in future.



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