game of humanity title card

Game Stats:

Published: 2018

Players: 1-4, best with 4

Age: 12+

Time: 60 min

Playable online at

Game play:

The Game of Humanity is a free to play online HTML based board game tracing the history of mankind from the beginning of time to the present. The creators have also integrated a live board option that can cast the game board to a computer or TV while allowing the primary device to be shared to enact game play.

Players traverse the path that billions of humans have taken before of and reminds us of the humble beginnings of our species.

Players start by creating a tribe and taking turns spinning to advance on the game board.

The Game is full of choices and creates an interplay of cooperation or competition between the four tribes.

The objective is to make it to present day with a large tribe while making sure to continue humanities survival through the game play.


Photo Source: Timothy The Game of Nerds


The game is easy and self guided. The game board is rather complex but after the first play through makes sense. While fun and competitive whether against friends or AI, the game is also educational and creates fierce competition.  


Photo Source: Timothy The Game of Nerds


This interactive online board game is fun for all and creates a fun educational evening between friends or alone. Playing this with an open eye to history is addictive and creates multiple options for strategy.