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Charmed’s Second Episode “Let This Mother Out” Exceeded The Premiere!

We were hopeful for the auccess fo this reboot, and retained that hope with a grain of skepticism after the premiere, but doubts are all but gone and we arw declaring the new Charmed on the CW a must watch!

The episode didn’t drag its feet and directly dived into the cliffhangers from the premiere, and we like that they aren’t slowly dragging through these storylines and the writers have enough content to fill the show. But that isn’t to say that there is only action — the reboot is finding its footing and the balance between drama, humor, and action that made the original so good. Their first harsh sister vote and backstab, a truth serum gone HILARIOUSLY wrong, and TWO demonic enemies.

Charmed – The CW

Our one complaint is that there was SO much content in the episode that scenes and lines could feel rushed — especially for Maggie and even Macy at times. Maybe it is just because Mel’s charafter is more intense and she naturally face journeys but we never felt rushed with her, but just something the show needs to watch for!

Charmed – The CW

We were really impressed with the effects, becuase we have never had the feeling of budget constraints we’ve experienced with the Magicians, or certain seasons of the original Charmed, and SPOILER ALERT the scenes with the Ouija board looked crisp (even if the board itself is no where near as eye catching as the original) and kept us on our seatsbso major kudos there. We also realized Nico, Mel’s girlfriend, is like the new Darrel and she fits her role perfectly bringing heart, humor, and a softening for Mel while still bwing a badass in her own right. We hope to see more of her and for her role to grow so she can be an asset to team charmed!

We even hope to get a more thorough explanation to Maggie’s ex and recurring, overly comfortable fling Brian — the new youngest sister will need hard love story lines, and where better to start than with the mess she’s currently spiraling in? So now we need more personal storylines for Macy and we aren’t entirely sure how we feel about Galvin encroaching on her work in the lab so we have an eye on him, but hopefully their friendship (or more) is salvagable and we won’t have to keep an eye on him!

Charmed – The CW
We will certainly be tuning in for the rest of the season because we are officially hooked on the new Charmed ones!

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