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Fresh Off the Boat “The Hand That Sits the Cradle” Was Perfection

In the chaos of Honey just having her baby girl, and a desire to avoid her own problems, Jessica volunteers her services to Honey and Marvin by introducing them to the practice of Zuo Yue Zi (sitting the month) to help her heal and manage as they adjust to having new baby Maria.

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Classic strong-willed Jessica emerges and puts Honey through a series of slow reveals of the mildly torturous Zuo Yue Zi. The writers orchestrated the progression beautifully, because the entire situation seems kind, thoughtful, and going well and instill us with just enough feel-good bits that when Jessica starts becoming a pop-up book from hell it gets increasingly more hilarious. When Honey escapes her own house through a window without shoes and Jessica enlists Louis to track her down their dialogue is almost TOO hilarious, and might have taken the best moment of the episode without competition if it weren’t for Grandma Jenny’s speech that followed.

Honey is indulging in Grandma’s A/C and snacks while hiding out with her, and she also gets the scoop on Jessica’s failed book and that’s why she’s projecting that energy on “healing Honey”– as a way to heal herself. As always grandma scenes steal the freaking episode because between “I sleep on her failure every night” and the side plot cutaways to her deceptive strength (lifting the A/C and ripping a watermelon in half) we couldn’t stop laughing.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
The pacing of the episode was superb, but Eddie and Emery’s relationship and constant procrastination of exercise all felt bizarre and not properly explored. It almost feels a struggle for the writer’s to properly write for the kids– as we still aren’t sure what Emery’s current personality traits are, and if we did we think it could turn into a pitfall, like the writing for Eddie easily falls in, and sometimes Evan the writing for Evan gets caught up in one fixated trait for the duration of the episode -> sort of like how he spends the bulk of the episode reading a biography and oversharing as Louis struggles to bond with him. They eventually realize their shared interest in reviewing films (read as judging films), and the tone ended properly in those last few lines. But with such a well-done episode we can’t help but realize the low focus given to Emery as a character, so fingers crossed he gets his own development this season, give Forrest Wheeler something to work with! He’s proven he can deliver but he needs a chance to remind us of that.

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