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In last week’s episode of 9-1-1, the crew (and Athena) found not only people stuck in precarious positions but themselves stuck: emotionally and professionally.

As Eddie began the day with his special needs son, the viewers were blessed with a glimpse into an adorable single dad-son dynamic. The two exercise together, have breakfast and genuinely look delighted in each other’s company. As Eddie drops Christopher with his abuela, he honestly looks heartbroken at not being able to spend the day with his kid. But, duty calls. And duty never takes a day off for the LAFD.

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Everybody is stuck. First up: a portly security guard chasing after some petty thieves misjudged a jump across the roof and is wedged between two buildings. The dislodging of the man takes delicacy and precision…and the very nice view of Buck swinging a sledgehammer.

The crew’s next call is of a most ridiculous nature. A very stupid woman popped her head into a tailpipe, on a dare, just for kicks. The 118s faces looking at this dummy are classic and hilarious. It’s only because of their extreme professionalism that they get the silly woman out of the tailpipe, unharmed and completely embarrassed.

While the firefighters take a break, Athena deals with her own professional stuck position. With her captain encouraging her to apply for her lieutenant’s bars (in which she was turned down 5 times previously), Athena has a decision to make. Her goals and desires are not what they once were. Although tempting, she ultimately decides to remain a beat cop.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company

We all recall Chim’s horrific accident from last season and in “Stuck” we see his PTSD come out full force. It’s not the way people normally equate PTSD: for Chimney it’s the realization that things didn’t change for him after his life-changing event. Seeing his ex girlfriend Tatiana (married and very pregnant) changed his viewpoint. He has an “ah-ha” moment and the feeling of stuck releases.

As for Buck: his stuck moment doesn’t release because he has no idea when Abby will return or even where Abby is. Buck is stuck and stuck is within Buck.

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