Before I discuss the contents of this book, it seems only fair that I first warn you of the supernatural entity in it. This book is possessed. It contains the life essence of a demon named Jakabok Botch, though many only refer to him as Mister B. He will try to convince you to burn the book, don’t do it. He will threaten to extinguish your very existence…do NOT give in. Turn the pages, and read his story. Convince him to tell you the tale of how a child of the Demonation escaped an abusive father and ended his life in the binding pages of a book. He will do anything to convince you that you don’t need to know, but you do. And when it’s all said and done, he may choose to keep you alive. If he does, consider yourself lucky. If not…well, just pray he makes it quick.

Written by Clive Barker, the creator of the infamous HellRaiser series, Mister B. Gone is by far the most creative, unconventional, entertaining books I’ve ever had the opportunity to read. Despite my obvious affection for this novel, it’s still dangerous and can offer up an extermination most foul. Yet, with all its danger and deceit, here I sit, ready to pass this novel onto it’s next victim- Er…reader.  All in all, this book gets a 4 out of 5 glasses rating, and I hope you live to tell me what you thought of it!

Thanks for reading!