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The follow up to the two-night premiere of 9-1-1, the LAFD 118 crew and the LAPD’s Athena race to save the folks in the aftermath of the huge earthquake that flattened L.A.

At the keeled over hotel, the firefighters struggle from the basement to the upper levels to rescue trapped patrons. At the top, Buck and Eddie slowly make their way down with their rescued interior designer but run into debris and have to backtrack. More and more problems arise but they make steady progress until the trio hears a cry for help. Finding a hotel employee partially paralyzed, the only way to transport him is on an ironing board. There’s nowhere to go but down…in an elevator shaft. Buck likes their chances: he almost has to eat those words when the elevator comes careening down and almost decapitates him. Chance indeed.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company

In the basement, Hen is separated from her crew and without radio contact. She meets another firefighter pinned under but in much worse shape. He loses his battle and Hen is left alone, with her thoughts and only her will to survive.

While Bobby and Chim search for life signs, Hen records a message for her wife and tells her she’s not giving up, that she’s a fighter. And fight she does. She scraps and scratches and claws her way out. And in the process, finds the missing little girl and a dog. It’s a testament to her bravery and can-do spirit.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company

We do need to talk about the elephant in the room, namely how one addition to the 9-1-1 cast works and how one absolutely does not. Eddie’s (Ryan Guzman) joining of the 118 has been seamless: a pretty face with a heart of gold that messes with Buck’s mojo and self-esteem. Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) unfortunately cannot hold a candle to the well-coiffured head of Abby (the dearly missed Connie Britton). Her performance in the first episodes has been stilted and not on par to anything the rest of the cast is doing. It’s not a problem that can be fixed necessarily…unless Abby comes back.

We can only hope.

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