* We nerds can be annoying sometimes, but that still doesn’t eliminate the fact that we rock. There are some habits that we have that can bug the heck out of some people and that’s why its hard to be someone you’re not. Here are some habits that I as well as other nerds have that are just annoying to others. *


The one special thing that keeps us bonded besides books is television. Having known that you and someone else love to talk about your favorite tv show can be exciting and horrible. It’s exciting because its a conversation to look forward to yet horrible if you so happen to spoil an episode that your buddy didn’t get to watch yet. I so happen to have a co-worker who watches the flash like I do. One day when I came into work before I could officially clock in she spoiled the season finale for me. This might not be as annoying to you, but it was the end of the world for me! Spoilers can change a man or woman believe me.

Obsessing Over TV Shows That Someone Else Doesn’t Watch

You ever enjoy watching a good tv show and you have to reflect on how good it was to others? To some people it can love may not be for the people you socialize with. It’s hard to resist the urge to obsess especially after an episode with cliffhangers. I personally get annoyed when someone hates on a show that they haven’t even seen. How can you hate a show that you’ve never watched? “It looks like trash,” they say. Well, you know what else is trash? The fact that you can build an opinion on a show that you haven’t watched! I also get annoyed when people compare two shows when they’ve only seen one. I don’t even want to mention how many arguments I’ve gotten into over The Flash and Arrow.

Gamer Heads Nonsense

I can admit that I love watching loud-mouthed gamers on YouTube like Dashie, but when it’s in your own home it can be so annoying. Imagine being sick in bed trying to catch up on rest when all of sudden you hear “Yes come get some!” You turn over to see your fiance playing Call Of Duty in a chair at 2 a.m. How annoying is that? The coolest thing about our relationship is the fact that we both love video games, but I was two seconds away from strangling him. That was my Friday night after a long week of work plus starting another job. I thought I was the most annoying gamer because I have a big potty mouth when I play. I see now that nothing is more annoying than gamer heads that like to play games loudly when someone else is sleep. Note to self, remove Austin’s PlayStation from the bedroom.

Showing Off Your Love For Fandom

So…I have a confession to make. Sometimes others get annoyed at how proud you are as a nerd and the way you express your fandom. Believe it or not, there are some POP Figure haters out there, my sister is one of them. It is indeed scary. Items like action figures, buttons, and miscellaneous items that show love for a fandom. A lot of my coworkers are annoyed that I deck out my lanyard and visor with Harry Potter and wrestling buttons. I also play K-pop at work sometimes so I am beloved and hated at the same time. People are also annoyed and fascinated with my Haiyan’s shield backpack that I carry around from The Legend of Zelda. It still beats the torment I received for carrying around a cheeseburger backpack from Steven Universe.

* Fellow nerds you’re not annoying, not everyone is accepting of your neediness and that’s okay. Continue to be you. Here https://www.nerdtests.com/mq/uttake.php?id=166109 you can take a quiz to see if you’re annoying. I don’t need to take the test to know that I am, but my results came back positive and there is no cure for what I have. The best remedy is to remain yourself and live a fulfilling, happy, and nerdy life.