Oliver: Hey look, down in that sewer is Jon’s recap. I’m so glad we are back together Diggle. [probably] Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

This week for the most part the new look Arrow squad was pulled apart in different directions. Ragman, still figuring out which direction he wanted to take things after Felicity told him that she was responsible for his home being destroyed. While this is going on Arrow is combing over the plans for the prison that John Diggle is held up in.

Oliver Queen leaves Deputy Mayor Lance in charge of the city as he leaves the city on undisclosed business. The business that they don’t want to know, Arrow breaks into Palmer Technology, that Felicity obviously knows about. Felicity mentions something to the rest of the team, who make an attempt to stop Arrow from leaving the city to break out Diggle,

Deputy Mayor happens to be at the right place right time, or exactly the opposite depends how you want to look at it. He is at the weapons depot where Tobias Church breaks in to steal all sorts of heavy artillery. He is able to help save some officers and escapes the grenades. With the man power and the artillery Tobias Church and his men are going to terrorize the city. Felicity goes to talk to Rory about how they both have to live with what is happening to them. After some time passes, he does come to join the team at the right time. The team of Artemis, Mr. Terrific, Ragman and Wild Dog head out to try to see what they can do to stop Tobias Church and crew. During the fight and escape attempt, Mr. Terrific catches a throwing knife in his back. Tobias Church closes in fast, and Wild Dog tells the others to get Mr. Terrific out and he will handle Tobias as a diversion. Wild Dog understandably gets destroyed in a one on one fight with Tobias and is captured and tortured for information.

Oliver and Lyla are working on getting John Diggle out of prison. With a large military vehicle as the diversion Oliver is able to get inside the prison. Lyla is able to set up a mobile base and awaits for Oliver to get her eyes inside. Once he is able to do that she direct Oliver to where John Diggle’s cell is. Sadly he was moved to general population and they realize that it’s not possible for Oliver to make it to general population and get them both out alive. Oliver has to get creative to get the inmates sent back to the cell on lock down. He knocks out a guard so someone can easily find him and sets up the lock down. Once John Diggle is put back into his cell, Oliver comes from the ceiling and talks to John that it’s time to go. John says that he needs to stay as penance for killing Andy. Oliver says that he should probably have penance for what he did, but he should do it as Spartan. He said that he needs John’s help, along with the team and the city. Oliver uses what he stole from Palmer technologies to eat through the floor so they can make the escape from the underground. After outrunning guards they are captured above ground, until the harness that they put on zooms them in the air when Lyla gets them out with the help of a huge airplane.

They make the way back to a safe house and Oliver puts John Diggle up in a place to lay low for now. Oliver has to leave back to the base, when he returns he tells the team that just like John Diggle they won’t leave anyone behind, and that somehow they will find Rene, Wild Dog and save him.