There are things in this world that lead to more questions than answers. As a gamer, I have always been in love with the art of storytelling and often find indie games that deliver. However, even the most beautiful of games can take one down a path of curiosity and confusion. “Echo” intrigued and infuriated me.

Echo Shadow

Source: Lions & Vultures

The website boasts a game in which one dives deep into the mind of a mysterious redhead whom has succumbed to a terrible fate. Her name is Mira and she, like many of us, is on a mad dash to avoid remembering what that fateful night had entailed. However, the player isn’t told what evil event took place and must play through this puzzle filled labyrinth to put the pieces back together. With this story line, I couldn’t hit the download button fast enough.

mira bedroom echo

Source: Lions & Vultures

As “Echo” downloaded I became anxious, excited to see what I would find. I was first met with stunning graphics and eerie music. I used Mira to run around what appears to be her bedroom, jumping on furniture and having a jolly good time. It wasn’t until I walked around a bit that I realized there wasn’t much to interact with. Sure, I had fun bouncing around her bed, but I wasn’t sure what my objective was.

mira dead body echo

I then realized that I could travel through several different doors. I saw a plethora of family photos on the wall and several pieces of furniture one would find in a hospital. I was constantly questioning why the furniture was so much bigger than Mira, is this because she is a young girl or because she feels that life is full of bulky obstacles? I found myself working with her shadow completing complex puzzles and I loved it. As a child, I always loved my shadow therefore playing with it seemed natural. As the EKG sound flooded my computer I pushed my way through another door until it stopped. The demo was over, and I had the worst feeling in the world. I felt that I killed Mira.

mira falling into water

“Echo” while beautifully crafted, left me feeling empty. I was disappointed that the only reason I knew Mira and her backstory was because of the website. However, “Echo” did leave me starving for more which is the point of any video game demo. I also really adore any PC game that I can plug my Xbox controller into. Other than the giant cliffhanger “Echo” left me with, the premise and the intricate design are the siren song that will have me back to play the full version. Mira, the mysterious redhead, will plague my mind with the never-ending questions but at the end of the day, I’ll still be coming back for more.