Droughtlander is almost over, kids!! Season four of the Starz time-traveling drama/romance/fantasy is due to arrive on November 4th with Jamie and Claire leaving Scotland and heading to the New World.

With a new world comes new problems, new friends, and of course; new villains. We meet Stephen Bonnet, a villain to compete with the now dead Black Jack Randall. While I’ve read the books, and don’t think anyone is as sadistic and monstrous as BJR, Bonnet sure does give him a run for his money. And crossing paths with him will have lasting repercussions on the Fraser family. As for friends, let’s not forget that unlike the books, Murtagh not only survived Culloden, but Claire also told him about when and where she came from, and Starz has said that Duncan Lacroix will be in season four. Aside from Murtagh, Fergus, Young Ian, John Grey, and the Frasers themselves, honestly I’m most excited to see Rollo, Young Ian’s wolf companion.

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Last season saw Claire leaving her and Jamie’s daughter Brianna behind and traveling back through the stones to find Jamie after 20 years. Thankfully, much like the books, the further into the series we go, the wider the storytelling and therefore Claire leaving Brianna and the delightful Roger Wakefield behind doesn’t mean we have to. The new trailer shows Roger discovering some information about Claire and Jamie that he desperately needs to tell Brianna, which may or may not send her for a trip through the stones, as well.

Aside from the budding romance of Bree and Roger, and the established one of Jamie and Claire, there is a little thing starting to brew in the American colonies when the show returns: The American Revolution. I for one cannot wait to see the tensions between America and England, especially since the show is at it’s best when building towards a battle.

Check out the trailer below to bide the time before our beloved Sassenach and Red Jamie return!!

Outlander returns 11/4/18 with “America The Beautiful”

And, if you want to read the books (you really should) you can buy the series here

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