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Diy Twig Letter

I found this DIY very interesting considering the fact that I love to by the letter A at a lot of hobby stores. I also like a challenge and for me, this was one of them. It can be a little testy but I assure you its worth trying and perfect for bookshelves and empty stands.

Photo Source: Pinterest/Originally created by Mika Chan Sailor’s YouTube

Lord Of The Rings Candle Holders

I loved creating these candle holders! As of right now, I have three placed around the house. They are perfect for tea light candles or if you want you can put a little water inside and place floating tea light candles in them. This Diy was created by Mika Chan Sailor and I have to tip my hay off to her for such a creative display. I even went as far as trying another DIY which I didn’t see on YouTube. Much like these candles holders, I created a Harry Potter themed candle holder by painting the word Lumos across the jar. I was pretty proud of how these turned out.

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Butterbeer DIY Sugar Scrub

I love me some butterbeer, but I love sugar scrubs even more. I constantly look for great sugar scrub recipes so I jumped for joy when I found this one. Sugar scrubs are not only good for your skin, but they are also great to keep in the bathroom. This DIY sugar scrub will not only nourish your skin, but it will also nourish your nerdy sou.

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DIY SpellBook

Having a spellbook is essential for a house of wizards and witches. This DIY spellbook is inspired by the famous Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. I actually created my own spellbook by following the step by step directions from and I really love it.

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Diy Yard Signs

I absolutely adore Diy yard signs because they bring out the fantasy in reality. Although these signs can be made in many ways, I favored the way they are created on using scrap wood. It’s a project that is very fun to do with the family. The painting is my favorite part of creating the signs, but If you’re like me and you can’t really can’t paint letters well, I suggest that you print out the stencils as said in the instructions. I think you would be a cool neighbor for just having one of these in your yard.