Only three episodes remaining folks.  How did that happen?  It kind of breaks my heart a bit.  I really enjoyed this show when it first started, but it wasn’t until this final season (as I began writing these review posts) that I really became hooked.  Now I’m deeply sad it’s about to go away.

Sometimes, She IS a Typical Teenager

There have been a few times where I feel like Hope isn’t being fair to her father.  Klaus is trying his best to help her, be there for her.  For the first time in both their lives, he can be at her side.  She doesn’t seem to care.  She fought so hard to have him in her life.  The darkness she has inside her right now is because she wanted her dad back.

But, now that Hope has Klaus in her life, all she does is send him away with statements of “I want to be alone right now.”  She also, like so many teenagers in TV shows, can’t seem to see what he’s going through.

Everything he’s doing for her right now goes against his nature and his history.  He is trying to be soft, kind, protective, loving.  No one is encouraging him to do that.  Hope pushes him away and Klaus pushes away Elijah.

Hope believes the death of Bill and the subsequent triggering of her curse is her fault.  As far as her actions go, yes, it is her fault.  She can’t be blamed because it wasn’t her intent.  The plot won’t allow her to believe that though.

Doomed from the Episode’s Start?  

The episode pretty much opened with Keelin and Freya curled up in bed, being cuddly and adorable.  They agree to get married today and I know I felt a shiver of unease.

Two episodes before the end of the show and these two are going to try and get married?  Oh dear.  What trouble is brewing?

At least we can anticipate the cast in amazing costumes.  We will be having Rebecca as Maid of Honor and Freya asked Elijah to walk her down the aisle.  He said no.  He had just found a letter in the attic that had started his wounds bleeding again.

And poor, poor, poor Freya.  Vincent was supposed to be her Best Man.  Instead, he’s leaving town.  Then again, can we fans really blame him?  He just lost Ivy and Freya is asking him to help them get married?  If I didn’t want so badly for Freya and Keelin to tie the knot, I would say asking this of Vincent was actually a bit cruel.  The same goes for asking Elijah to walk Freya down the aisle.  He’s mourning two loves.  He can’t be asked give the blessing on someone else’s.

Dear God, Somebody Finally Told Declan!  

Then again, it didn’t get him very far, did it?

Declan, after Klaus healed him, read the rest of those journals.  He now knows he lives in what he called “a demon town.”  He tells Marcel in the bar that he knows everything.  More than that, Declan is going to meet with the mayor and other people in power in New Orleans and tell them everything.

Declan believes the humans are not food or pawns.  They should have a say in how the city is run, including how vampires and other supernatural creatures decide to run it.

Marcel tries to Compel this decision out of Declan.  It doesn’t work.  The other thing Declan learned about in the journals was Vervain.  Marcel, without another option, knocks Declan out.

. . . And the Bombshell Hits 

After a talk with Rebecca, Freya realizes she doesn’t want to have kids.  She lost a son once and it nearly destroyed her.  She never told Keelin that she wasn’t willing to try again.  She tells her now.

And it ends everything.  Cute, adorable Keelin who doesn’t want Freya to see her dress before the wedding.  Cute, adorable Keelin who knows Freya’s “serious voice.”  Cute, adorable Keelin, who has been endlessly patient waiting for Freya.

It wasn’t kind of Freya to wait until now to say this.  She won’t even talk about it.  She pretty much planned on walking in and ending things with Keelin and she did just that.  The explanation of “you deserve better” wasn’t enough for me.  These two women love each other.  Talk this out!  You only have two episodes to figure it out!

Rebecca Needs to Be a Mom

When Rebecca finds out that Freya has ended things with Keelin over not having kids, she’s there to listen and give advice.  It was a bit heartbreaking to watch.  More than anything in the world, more than her own siblings and her love for Marcel, Rebecca wants children of her own.  I keep hoping that Davina, Freya, or some witch somewhere finds a way to give Rebecca what she wants.

Rebecca listens to Freya as she admits the real reasons for not wanting children.  It isn’t that she doesn’t want them.  It isn’t even quite losing her first child.  It’s because of who her family is, what blood she has in her veins.

There is not more dangerous family to be part of in the world than the Mikaelson family.  They have more enemies, more grudges, more dirty history than anyone else.  Look at what every member of the family has gone through in order to be even a little happy.  Look at how much death each Mikaelson family member has experienced.  Look at how hard they all fight to protect each other, but fail.

Can you blame Freya for being terrified to bring a child into that?

Hayley to Elijah: “If We’re Destined to Meet Each Other in the Next Life, I’ll be Waiting for the Next Dance.”  

Going through his old things in the attic, Elijah discovers a letter addressed to him by a woman named Andrea.  Via flashbacks, we discover that it wasn’t just Mikaelsons who visited Elijah when he had amnesia and he played piano in that bar.

One week, when Antoinette was traveling, Hayley visited Elijah.  She told him her name was Andrea and she was there getting over an ex-boyfriend.  Elijah invites her to join him to a nearby art exhibit.  She comes along.

Together, they talk of lost love, of being destined for certain people, watch people dance, and share a dance of their own.  It is clear that Elijah gets flickers of familiarity, but he loves Antoinette.

There’s another interesting bit to this.  If Hayley visited him as Andrea, that means, when Elijah saw a woman in that house, he recognized her.  When he saw Hayley burst outside into the sun and burn to death, he knew her face.  And finally, when Elijah got his memories back, this meant that his memories of Andrea and Hayley smashed together into one.

Doubly heartbreaking, right?

Days, Weeks, Hours

First of all, big acting kudos to Joseph Morgan for when he was first told that his daughter was dying and might only have hours to live.  He staggered.  He freaking staggered, the man who’s killed more people and been on more killing sprees than any other in vampire history.

My second reaction, however, was worry.  We know that Hope has her own spin-off coming, and so we know she survives.  My concern is her father.  A spin-off without him in her life seems odd to me, especially after how hard he and Hope fought to be in each other’s lives again.

I’m now officially terrified that Klaus is going to find a way to sacrifice himself for his daughter.  I know I’m not the only fan that wants a happily-ever-after for all of the Mikaelsons.  Freya is going to get married, (we hope) and we’re hoping that Elijah makes it back to Antoinette.  Rebecca will probably end up with Marcel.  Kol is happy with Davina.  Klaus, however, has nothing going for him except his daughter.

I will officially be very upset if he dies saving her life.

Klaus to Elijah: “Hope is dying.  I can’t tell anyone else, not today.”  

Elijah is absolutely devastated by what happened with Hayley.  That’s only worsened by the fact he knew her when he saw her at the farmhouse.  But, he thought she was working with the Mikaelsons.  He thought she was the enemy and so he did nothing.  Elijah can’t stand the sight of himself and so, in the moment his brother needs him most, he leaves.

Klaus looks at him and he expression on his face says “don’t leave me right now” and it is the first time Klaus has asked for his help, his wisdom, his loyalty since Elijah got his memory back.

But, like with Freya’s request to walk her down the aisle, Elijah doesn’t have it in him to give his family what they need from him.  It’s amazing.  Elijah used to be faulted for giving up absolutely everything he wanted for family.

Not now.  He’s too broken.

Who is going to fix him?  I’m really hoping it’s Klaus.  Antoinette fixing him would only take Elijah further away from his family.

Against All Odds . . .

We got a wedding!  More surprising than Kol shaving for the occasion, (darn!) Elijah showed up to walk Freya down the aisle with Klaus on her other side.  As Elijah listens to Kol marry Freya and Keelin, Elijah flashes back to the letter from Hayley.

Hayley told him to be happy, thanked him for their brief moments together when he didn’t know who she was, and to never let go of what was important to him.  Let’s see what that ends up being for him.  I have my fingers crossed that Antoinette could join the Mikaelson clan with Elijah, but I have my doubts.

Klaus, during the after-party, can’t stop watching his daughter.  He and Elijah are the only ones, plus Freya, that know Hope is doomed.  Every time he looks at her, it is clear that Klaus is absolutely terrified for Hope.

And a terrified Klaus Mikaelson is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

But at least Hope had a good day.  We get to see her in a rare scene of buzzed happiness after the party is over.  She’s back in her bedroom and talking to her father.  We fans can tell he wants to tell her about her prognosis, how much time she has left to live.  He can’t do it.  She’s too sweet and happy and grateful he’s going to be there for her first change.

And so Klaus goes out to the balcony where Elijah is looking down on the city.  He looks ready to cry, which he has for most of the episode.

“Did you tell her?” Elijah asks.

“I tried . . . ” Klaus trails off, grasping the railing hard.  “Elijah, she’s my daughter.”

And then the hug I’ve been waiting the whole season for.  The hug I wanted when Elijah first remembered who he was and that he had killed Hayley.  The hug I wanted earlier in this episode when Klaus’ expression begged his brother to help him.

And it wasn’t Elijah who cried.  It was Klaus.

Questions for the Next Time 

We are coming into the final two episodes now.  This raises a lot of questions.  Character’s plot-lines will be coming to a close.  People are being killed off, married off.  What next?

Marcel ended up freeing Declan and making him a offer.  Marcel will teach Declan how to represent the human faction of New Orleans.  This is Marcel’s first step towards putting the city on a new path, but it brings up the question.  Will Marcel stay to lead the vampires?  At one time, I would have said Josh would take over for him.  He had leadership quality, after all.  Now who?  Marcel will want to go where Rebecca does.

Vincent has left the city.  Will he be back in time for the finale?  Could he help lead New Orleans into peace again, or has the city hurt him too much?  Would he be better off settling somewhere else?

Will Freya and Keelin go elsewhere to live their lives?  Or will they stand by Hope as she unravels?  Even though they are married, Keelin will still have to share her wife with the Mikaelson family.  Would the pair be best off settling somewhere far away and beautiful?

Kol and Davina seem very happy together.  If they know what’s best for them, they’ll leave New Orleans after all this stops.  They’ll go back to their little apartment again and live happily-ever-after away from the rest of the Mikaelsons.

According to the promo for the next episode, (the one right before the finale) Hope will survive long enough to go through her first werewolf change.  Her father will be right there with her.  Hope obviously survives if she is going to go onto her spin-off show.  The question is how to save her.  Could Klaus find a way to sacrifice himself?  Would we fans accept that as a good ending to his plot-line?  The great and terrible Klaus Mikaelson ended his story by saving his daughter?  I would be brokenhearted over that.  I would not be satisfied with that.  All Hope Mikaelson has ever wanted is her family.  Killing Klaus in a sacrifice play would be the cruelest thing to do to her.  It would, however, explain why she’s totally away from the Mikaelson clan in her spin-off.

Of course, Elijah could make the sacrifice play as well.  He could do it as his way to redeem himself in Hope’s eyes, in Klaus’.  If Elijah died, might we get one of those scenes we got with Josh, where Elijah meets up and dances with Hayley?  Would we fans be okay with that?  I know I wouldn’t.  This also would put a very sad ending to his romance with Antoinette, who I think deserves better than to lose Elijah that entirely.

If anything sums up the Mikaelson family through the seasons, it is that they love each other.  They will do anything for each other and do anything to be together.  Ending the “Originals” by separating them all permanently by killing one of them off?  By sending all of them to different corners of the planet?  That isn’t the Mikaelsons and for the record, I would not approve.

Would you?  What you most worried about in all this?  Any bets on how Hope’s life will be saved and what the price might be?

Best Line

Freya, as she is describing who will do what at her wedding: “Klaus is doing nefarious things to secure the venue.”  There is just something about this that seems profoundly perfect.