We’re back for another round of Better Call Saul! Episode three opens with the Nacho storyline. Fring’s thugs, who are named Tyrus and Victor, commit crimes against Nacho’s ride by popping the tires, wrecking it on the side of the road and shooting it full of holes. After planting Arturo’s body, Nacho takes bullets in the shoulder and the chest to stage his own attempted murder. He calls Marcos and Leonel for help. After they rescue him, they torch the crime scene.

Jimmy tries to convince Mike to help him steal a Hummel figurine from Neff Copiers. Jimmy kicks into Saul gear in order to bring in Mike, but Mike remains unfazed. Jimmy calls in a burglar named Ira, who also takes a lot of convincing. When Ira finally breaks in Neff Copiers, he finds Neff sleeping in the office thanks to marital issues. Jimmy comes to Ira’s rescue by setting off Neff’s car alarm while Ira runs for the door.

With a new paralegal in tow, Kim goes to Mesa Verde to work on their contracts and learns about its potential for aggressive expansion. The Mesa Verde CEO, Kevin, makes a strange comparison between Kim and a bird with a broken wing, before he shows her models of Mesa Verde branches from Nebraska to the Pacific Northwest. Kim can only stare. She sees herself going far on a mistake engineered by Jimmy.

Gus Fring’s (sort of) fake hit on Nacho and Arturo starts making the cartel sweat. He approaches a University of New Mexico researcher sitting alone in his lab, singing along with math prof rock star Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements:” Gale Boetticher! Gale reports to Fring on the quality of the meth they’re selling. Gale, greedy as ever, begs Fring to let him start making meth, but Fring keeps him in the on deck circle for now.

Kim and Jimmy open Chuck’s letter. Chuck has crafted a condescending, picture perfect version of their relationship. It is undated, though the content reveals that it must have written when Jimmy worked in the HHM mailroom. Jimmy can brush off Chuck, but Kim can’t help feeling guilty when she thinks about all the money she’s going to make at Chuck’s expense. Kim bursts into tears, which puzzles Jimmy.

Once again, Nacho comes through with the most compelling plotline of the week. Mike, who appeared in a single scene in this episode, presumably has been checking out the Madrigal warehouses again. Jimmy, however, appears to be fighting the urge to become slick-talking Saul by committing the kind of petty crime he had before he left Chicago. Significant advancement in Kim’s storyline got lost this week in the chaos of the drug trade as well. However, we might get to see more of Gale Boetticher in the future and hopefully we’ll see more of the awesome obscure soundtrack.


Photo Source: AMC. Photo by Matthias Clamer/AMC/Sony Pictures Television