Dive Head First into “In Other Waters”

"In Other Waters" is the game you won't want to end. It combines the both of best worlds, the sea and artificial intelligence.

Have you ever played a demo and screamed when it was over? The cliff-hanger eating you up inside begging you to finish? When playing “In Other Waters” I nearly threw my computer. I was so invested in this slice of the demo that when the ominous title screen flickered on I was dejected. I have never been more excited for a Kickstarter game to be finished than I was at this exact moment.

intro in other waters
Photo Source: In Other Waters

“In Other Waters” offers a unique gameplay experience in which one is an artificial intelligence within a submarine. The pilot, Ellery Vas, lovingly names the player Uma and they head off to find friends Namura and Minae. Things take an astonishing turn when the seemingly deserted alien ocean becomes, “… more active than other planets”. Suddenly red spores attack the sub and one must find an antidote to cross the vast sea. Will Ellery and Uma find their friends, unlock secrets, and discover all the ocean has to offer?

creepy in other waters
Photo Source: In Other Waters

The most interesting part of the game for me was the story line. It was refreshing to play a game in which I didn’t control everything. Yes, I collected samples and guided the sub where it needed to go but, Ellery did her job as a pilot and told me what to do. I believed I was truly Uma. Between Ellery and I there is no puzzle we couldn’t solve, no enemy we couldn’t dodge.

alive in other waters
Photo Source: In Other Waters

The contrast of the blue and yellow screen was visually appealing while the striking red of the fungus bore fear into my core. The “bleeping” of the sonar combined with the dramatic melodies suck the player into the world of “In Other Waters”. The simplicity of the graphics make for an organized screen and easy navigation. Overall, “In Other Waters” is a game novice and expert players alike will dive into head first.

fungus in other waters
Photo Source: In Other Waters


There are a plethora of secrets and creatures to discover in “In Other Waters” and I look forward to uncovering each one. Per the Kickstarter the estimated release is in 2020 however, if one is ready to have their socks blown off please look at the demo. Overall, “In other Waters” is as stimulating as it is mysterious.

Title in other waters
Photo Source: In Other Waters

Each piece of media is a screenshot from “In Other Waters” as well as the featured image. Please take a look at their Kickstarter as well as the demo.



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