A lot of the finale of the Morphic Trilogy is ironically not action packed, but more so told in fragments of flashbacks and memories and was a very intetesting piece of animation. The best detail comes from a mental deadlock between a confused/scrambled memory Venturion/Vendata/Blue Morpho andhis old “friend” Jonas Venture. Team Venture and the Guild of Calamitous Intent have form their own groups to piece together the events unfolding in front of them. One of thr more full circle revelations comes in the full understanding that Rusty’s recurring fear of androids and the Venturion Project finally make total sense, except for the question of why Venturion’s old memories of Rusty bullying his son Monarchal son Malcolm crept in and caused him to snap? But we can chalk it up to Jonas being too confident in his creation and not getting the human component.

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Dr. Z pieces together the story of how he made Vendata for his Guild cohorts — by refurbishing Venture’s now destroyed Venturion (Jonas Ventuee Sr.’s reconsteucted Blue Morpho android using his dead friend’s parts). If it wasn’t creepy enough check out this hilarious, Venture-Style design flaw.

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Team Venture spends most of the episode updating Hank on what he missed and prepping Ventec’s Rusty Venture Float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (you can see the drama of that unfold at the end of the episode) but the real story comes in the flashbacks. We see how Jonas convinced Blue Morpho to make a fourway sex tape and then used it as leverage to blackmail him until his death. We also see how the theory that Jonas Venture sired the Monarch and the theory that Rusty and the monarch are half brothers is almost confirmed when a flashback reveals Jonas was going to use his more potent “science” to guarantee a baby and it worked. So rejoice fans, you were right all along!

After being dispatched from the front of Ventec by the NYPD prepping for the parade The Guild holds an informal meeting to discuss the past and what lead to the current events, with Brock in toe, at a knockoff version of New York’s famous Starlight Diner. They reveal an unexpected twist that Sphynx didn’t kill Jonas Venture in the Gargantua 1 mkvie night massacre, but the guild did as an accident caused by Venturion/Vendata/The Blue Morpho and the Sovereign framed Sphynx using his shapeshifting and ignited the Pyramid Wars that shaped OSI history. The revelation feels more informational than influential considering the remaining Sphynx members died in season 4. It could serve as a catalyst to spark change or a development arc for Brock, which we feel is necessary because the ” he is not in familiar territory while in the city and keep making mistakes and being less badass” bit is getting tired (highlighted in the mistakes made early on where he himself blocks the entrance after a fall that tore the V logo off of Ventec Tower.

Of all the bothersome death filled plot twists, one was predicted long ago. Dr. Orpheus predicted Action Man’s stroke back in season 1 episode 12 and it finally came to fruition. Even at the best joint efforts of Mr. White and Orpheus himself, they were only able to get Action Man to the hospital where he is now in a comma. It’s sadder when you consider the possibility that Billy’s mom will be alone again, but at least we got the “Toast!” Exclamation out of it?

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The more dramatic, supposedly “shocking” (mostly frustrating) ending, is the Vendata/Jonas standoff turns stupidly stalemated double death when Jonas goes too ham trying to steal the robot body, but scoops up Rusty and Malcolm into the fray and when the robots crash the Monarch gets to claim the kills of the Blue Morpho and Jonas Venture in front of everyone, so we can expect his guild rank yo skyrocket. He isn’t bothered though, so we foresee more drama coming when he reconciles with Sheila.

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Selling point of the finale? The Triad looking at apartments in the city and Al thr Alchemist convincing Orpheus on the selection with “it has a Dr. Strange Window.”