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Anna is given the opportunity of a lifetime, but when her parents won’t let her partake, Maya encourages them to take fate into their own hands and embark on a dangerous journey.

This episode seemed super quick to me, but we got the coming of age running away from home storyline. Anna finally gets her braces off and gets scouted by a modeling agency. Her mom refuses to take her to the agency, and she and Maya plan to run away from home because their parents are getting on their nerves.

Delving deeper into the episode, we got more of a sneak peek into life with Anna and her mom. You can tell that it’s not a stable household because both Anna and her mom seem quite immature. I was surprised that Anna called her mom a bitch, but it didn’t seem to phase her mom because she said it right back. I can see why Anna wanted to leave. And at Maya’s house, Shuji shows Maya that he got a cellphone, which old tech alert, is one of those first Nokia cellphones that everyone had. She asks her mom where her’s is, but her mom says she’s not mature enough. Her mom goes on to say that Maya can’t even wipe herself properly, which I thought was a burn. Maya freaks out and says she’s gonna run away, and her mom says she’s ok with it because she knows Maya would never go through with it. It was such a funny moment because her mom had no concern whatsoever.

The girls decide to run away together, and live off of Anna’s “modeling money.” They get ready at Anna’s house, and Maya thinks she can pretend to be Anna’s mom. The best moment was when Anna told Maya not to go into one of her mom’s drawers. Of course, people get curious when someone says things like that, so she looks and finds a vibrator. She turns it on and not knowing what it was, messages her neck and face, which grossed me out. I was screaming in horror. Then later on when Anna is stressed out, Maya takes out the vibrator again and starts messaging Anna’s back. If they ever find out what that thing is later on in life, they’re gonna die. The girls leave and take Daddy, Anna’s hamster with them, and take the bus to the agency. The agency looks dated and unsuccessful, and when Anna goes to get some headshots taken, things take longer than expected. Maya starts getting worried and barges into Anna getting photographed with her top off. Thank god, Maya knew that things weren’t right, and got her and Anna out of there.

So since their plan failed, they were in a conundrum because now what were they gonna do? They didn’t want to go home to their parents, but they have nowhere to go. They walk to a nearby neighborhood and see a dog. They start playing with the dog and put Anna’s hamster on his head. The dog gets a hold of the hamster and kills it. The way the scene played out was like a horror movie. Maya and Anna were screaming and holding each other, while the dog would drop the hamster and pick it up again, chewing on it. Thankfully, the owner called him in and saw the girls. They ended up calling someone to pick them up, but when we saw a car stop to pick them up, instead of thinking that one of their parents was picking them up, who was it, but Steve and Derrick. I was surprised by that because I thought they were going to cave and just go home. I’m interested now to see how long they’ll go before they come to their senses because they can’t hang out with Steve and Derrick forever.